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Ramble On by Joey Vaiasuso

1. "Ramble On"
Joey Vaiasuso

A pair of abstract legs strolling along the waterfront, keeping pace with pedestrian traffic. An eight-foot tall steel sculpture with bronze-like patina represents a leisurely walk or nature stroll.View map

Tree Fairy by Deana Mando

2. "Tree Fairy"
Deana Mando

Inspired by the monarch butterflies that migrate to San Diego, the artist translates her joy of watching them into a brightly colored fairy ready to take flight. Constructed of welded steel and carved polyurethane foam coated with fiberglass and epoxy resin. View map

Lean on Me by Robert Verhees

3. "Lean on Me"
Robert Verhees

This stainless steel artwork shows two partners and the shared comfort they enjoy. Lean on me, Ive got you, one says to another. The areas of colored blown glass represent windows into their souls. View map

The Blessing Tree by Melissa Ralston

4. "The Blessing Tree"
Melissa Ralston

Reminiscent of ancient Chinese architecture, this tree serves as an entrance. Music is created as the colored lanterns flow with the breeze. Constructed of steel, the two posts are inscribed with traditional Chinese characters representing blessings of love, happiness, peace, prosperity, strength, harmony, joy and friendship. View map

HisTree of Surfboards by Mike Thornton

5. "HisTree of Surfboards"
Mike Thornton

San Diegos surf culture inspired the artist to create this whimsical palm tree out of surfboards. Its trunk is made from a longboard, bringing to mind days past. The palm leaves are constructed of shortboards, indicative of the modern surf scene. In a strong breeze the leaves gently sway. View map


6. "Sea and Sky"
Ken Smith

This abstract sculpture depicts wildlife commonly found along the California coast. A fun-loving sea otter plays with a ball in the surf as a graceful seagull soars overhead. The artworks highly polished stainless steel surfaces reflect the ever-changing environment. View map


A Tree for all Seasons by Pat Cranor

7. "A Tree for all Seasons"
Pat Cranor

Nature and the seasons come alive in this artwork. A four-sided monolith with paintings represents the four seasons. Painted squares were arranged in a pattern similar to a chessboard. The squares were then varnished and mounted on treated wood panels to form the tree. View map

Imagine by Kent Kraber

8. "Imagine"
Kent Kraber

This artwork captures the imagination in all of us. The artist depicts dragons as caretakers rather than fearsome or devious creatures. View map

Prelude by Jennifer Cannon

9. "Prelude"
Jennifer Cannon

The treble clef shape is comprised of over 400 feet of aluminum rod and represents musical staffs. Interweaving and free of notes, it symbolizes the formative state of creating music. It is one of mankinds finer qualities to weave ideas, emotions and sounds into musical fabric. View map

Stairway to Heaven by Tom Roberts

10. "Stairway to Heaven"
Tom Roberts

A spiral staircase constructed from painted sheet metal plates, this artwork changes color according to the outside temperature. Colors range from yellow to green and blue to black. As you look up from the base of the sculpture, the steps give the illusion that it disappears into the sky. View map

A Day in the Life by Meilisa Lim

11. "A Day in the Life"
Meilisa Lim

Standing before this seemingly restless squid brings the viewer closer to the inhabitants of the ocean. Its colors and swirls allow it to be seen as it would be in the water. Constructed of brightly colored fiberglass and resin, this imaginative creature stands ten feet tall. View map

Tailwalking Suncatcher by Stephen Fairfield

12. "Tailwalking Suncatcher"
Stephen Fairfield

This glittering sailfish is a constant rainbow of colors as it tailwalks across the oceans surface. Its scales diffract the sunlight while its sail and fins glow a rich cobalt blue. Made of steel pipe, hardware cloth and plexiglass, the artwork also features a base with waves made from recycled automobile steel. View map

The Seahorse by David ''D'' Brelje

13. "The Seahorse"
David ''DJ'' Brelje

This artwork is a bronze sculpture with green patina that brings to life the artists love for his mother. The life-like representation of a seahorse depicts its anatomical structure with intricate details of delicate bones and tail rings. View map

Trimming the Tree by Christie Beniston

14. "Trimming the Tree"
Christie Beniston

The leaves of this urban tree may look like glassy fish as they appear beneath the waters surface or as the points of a sail on a sailboats course. It also brings to mind the Americas Cup races that were held in San Diego. The artist was inspired by sailboats, windsurfing and kiteboarding. View map

Two Tiers:  Tears of Desire, Tiers of Understanding by Lia Strell

15. "Two Tiers: Tears of Desire, Tiers of Understanding"
Lia Strell

The polished steel curves of this sculpture twist and turn gracefully with their teal and raspberry hues. The two ribbon-like forms represent levels of desire and understanding. They wrap together at the top of the artwork, lifting the viewers spirit. View map

Californiascope by Harmon Nelson, Vicki Leon and Steve Riggs

16. "Californiascope"
Harmon Nelson, Vicki Leon and Steve Riggs

This interactive, giant kaleidoscope is a cornucopia of light, color, pattern and movement. Constructed of welded steel, carved glass and uniquely designed fixtures and surfaces. The sculpture also includes control knobs that allow the viewer to rotate three of the scopes lenses. View map

School of Blue Bottle Noses by David Boyer

17. "School of Blue Bottle Noses"
David Boyer

This sculpture features six abstract kinetic fish with cobalt blue bottle heads that are perched on an unusual undersea plant. As the wind interacts with the fish, their stainless steel tailfins allow them to swim, spin and dance unpredictably. View map

Birds in a Tree by Mark Meier

18. "Birds in a Tree"
Mark Meier

This fanciful sculpture is reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland or Dr. Seuss, with its zany colored birds created with a delightfully puzzling, inside-outside line drawing design. The 14-foot tall tree is made of galvanized tubular and welded steel. View map

Pinion by Jon Koehler and Neil Shigley

19. "Pinion"
Jon Koehler and Neil Shigley

Silhouetted against the bay and sky, this kinetic sculpture alludes to the wings of seabirds. Pinion is the flight feather of a birds wing. From one side the sculpture has transparent color that contrasts the sky. The other side is stainless steel, which reflects the bay, the clouds and the sea birds. View map

Pele, Goddess of Fire by Frank Mando

20. "Pele, Goddess of Fire"
Frank Mando

The artist was inspired by stories of the mythological fire goddess Pele, while traveling in Hawaii. This sculpture represents the danger, beauty and power of fire. Made of steel and aluminum, the sculpture pays tribute to those who were affected by the firestorms in San Diego County. View map

Spiral Voyage by Chris Brown

21. "Spiral Voyage"
Chris Brown

Nautical elements take shape in this artwork. The artist created visual imagery of sailboats into the forms of masts, stays and natural wood hulls. The sculptures spiral form is representative of the shapes often seen in seashells. View map

Tree Hugger by Steven L. Rieman

22. "Tree Hugger"
Steven L. Rieman

This wind-activated kinetic sculpture features a stainless steel figure standing on top of a balancing beam and ball. The figure sways and jiggles in the wind, bringing a smile to the faces of those who pass by. View map

Geometree by Josh Bowman

23. "Geometree"
Josh Bowman

This artwork is loosely defined without rigid borders. Is it coming together or falling apart? A tree as an object in motion as it is here but not really here in its abstract form. This speaks to the transient nature of matter in the world and makes us think, What really matters, whats real, and what is just created from our imagination? View map

Air Filter by Viviana Lombrozo

24. "Air Filter"
Viviana Lombrozo

Blending organic forms with industrial materials, this sculpture was inspired by the downtown skyline and the role that trees play in decreasing pollution. Welded and perforated steel filter-like leaves allow the air to pass through, encouraging the viewer to consider how human and environmental needs converge. View map

Fire Blossom Tree by Greg Eng

25. "Fire Blossom Tree"
Greg Eng

The artist personifies the forces and processes that shaped his life and helped encouraged his creativity with this 12-foot tall sculpture. The branches and flames of this tree were created of steel which was heated, forged, twisted, cut and welded into flowing organic shapes. View map

My Bike by Amos Robinson

26. "My Bike"
Amos Robinson

This kinetic sculpture captures the iconic image of a carefree bicyclist cruising along the beach. As the wind blows, the wheels of the bicycle spin and the bike appears to be changing direction. The polished steel surfaces reflect the sky, sea and the flow of life along the Embarcadero. View map

2+2 Makes 3 by Mitchell Gaul

27. "2+2 Makes 3"
Mitchell Gaul

The title of this curvilinear and triangulated sculpture refers to techniques in orthographic projection and applied geometry that are used to manage three-dimensional objects, a process of working in multiples of two dimensions twice. This aluminum artwork is mounted with a bearing at the top to allow it to gently move with the wind. View map

T is for Tree and Lots of Other Things  by Cecilia Stanford

28. "T is for Tree and Lots of Other Things"
Cecilia Stanford

This artwork is intended to entertain and amuse. Entertainment lies in the opportunity to find and identify objects that begin with the letter T. Some are easy for young viewers and others, such as Thoth, the Egyptian god of scribes and learning, are more challenging. View map

Flambay by Ted Sitting Crow Garner

29. "Flambay"
Ted Sitting Crow Garner

This expanded steel and metal mesh sculpture is a song of sorrow to the many trees lost in recent years to Southern California wild fires, expressed in a three-dimensional abstraction of the classic car-culture flame job. The title is borrowed from a Frank Zappa composition that appeared on the album Sleep Dirt. View map

Riskworks: Break-Dancers by Michael L. Barrows

30. "Riskworks: Break-Dancers"
Michael L. Barrows

Inspired by the theme Urban Tree City Life, this artwork is designed to show how our environment and others change our perspective: a tree from two sides, a B-Boy from the other four. The color and overlapping design represent the yin and yang quality of life. It combines strength, balance, and unity to convey that anything is possible because risk works. View map

It’s A Sign by Jennifer Anderson, Sara Beam, Justean Giger, Audrey Kenyon, Bianca Saad and Gabriela Salas

31. "It's A Sign"
Jennifer Anderson, Sara Beam, Justean Giger, Audrey Kenyon, Bianca Saad and Gabriela Salas

Whether we are deaf or hearing, language transforms experience and connects us with one another. Its A Sign is a metaphor for underrepresented communities. In a grove of trees, no tree should be given less opportunity or room for growth because it is different, just as each tree on the bay is unique. View map

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