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Mariner Resources




a worker takes notes on a clipboard as the Port of San Diego Harbor Police boat goes by in the San Diego Bay

You'll find a variety of Maritime resources for commercial maritime and recreational boaters here.


General Bay Information

Get General San Diego Bay Information>


Vessel Entry and Clearance Procedures

See Vessel Entry and Clearance Procedures>


Maritime Statutory Regulations

Read Maritime Statutory Regulations>


Tariffs & Regulations of Vessels

See the Port code for Tariffs & Regulations of Vessels>


Mariner Resources Links

Helpful Links for Mariners>


Maritime Forum

Get Information>



Report Marine Pollution

Report Oil Spills

  • USCG National Response Center 800.424.8802
  • State Office of Emergency Services 800.852.7550
  • County of San Diego Office of Emergency Services 800.565.3490
  • Take immediate action to contain and control the incident without risking personal health and safety.

Additional Contact Information

  • Emergencies 619.223.1133 or 911
  • Harbor Police 619.686.6585
  • San Diego Harbor Police Headquarters 619.686.6570
  • Dispatch 619.686.6272
  • Port of San Diego 619.686.6200
  • S.D. Fire Dept/Emergency Services 619.974.9891
  • San Diego Fire-Rescue Department 619.533.4300
  • U.S. Navy Port Ops. 619.556.1433
  • USCG Marine Safety Office 619.683.6470
  • 24 Hr. Navy Regional Duty Office 619.524.2314
  • USCG Marine Safety Office 619.278.7262 - Goes to voicemail after 3:00PM
  • U.S. Navy Port Operations 619.556.1433
  • Environmental Protection (for discharges on land) 619.686.6254 or

In order to provide protection to the sensitive resources in San Diego Bay, it's essential that every effort be made to prevent inappropriate discharges to the water, and respond to other emergencies that may result in environmental impacts. When such an incident does occur, however, it's critical to make sure it's reported immediately, and to the right agency. The following "user-friendly" guide provides the necessary information.

Provide as much information as possible including location, type of material (if known), quantity, any immediate threat to life or health, and any impacts to natural resources.

If reportable, make the following notifications:

  • 1. USCG National Reponse Center (NRC) 800.424.8802
  • 2. State Office of Emergency Services (OES) 800.852.7550

If spill is a Reportable Quantity (RQ), make the following voice reports:

  • Reportable Quantity (RQ)
  • Oil (on water) Produces a sheen or discoloration on the water's surface.
  • Oil (on land) SD Fire Department will advise.
  • Hazardous Material (on water or land) San Diego or SD Fire Department will advise

Emergency Maritime Contact Info

Anyone causing, observing or discovering an emergency situation,
CALL IMMEDIATELY: 619.295.3121 or VHF radio, Channel 16 U.S. Coast Guard San Diego

Please note that in the United States all police, medical, fire and other emergency services can be reached by dialing 911 on any telephone.


This page is intended for informational purposes only. The information is intended for use by persons experienced in maritime navigation and vessel maneuvering with the knowledge that there could be errors. Errors in the data, chart information, or equipment malfunctions may give incorrect results. All the information provided by this website is provided AS IS and has no guarantee or warranty of any kind. All expressed and implied guarantees and warranties are hereby voided. In no event will the San Diego Unified Port District, the United States Coast Guard, nor the United States Navy be liable for any damages or injuries as a result of the use or misuse of the information provided here and associated products and all the information supplied.