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Port of San Diego Experiences provides unique opportunities to explore and enjoy our vibrant waterfront.




a family of four enjoys a sunny day at the Embarcadero at the Port of San Diego

Visitors Welcome

Port Experiences activates our waterfront year-round through public programming, and permitted and sponsored community events. The Tidelands Activation Program awards grant funds and services to organizations for public events that connect visitors and residents to new cultures and vibrant activities. Artistic and cultural exhibitions, along with exclusive interactive installations inspire visitors and residents to push the boundaries of creativity. Additionally, Port Experiences hosts events across the San Diego Bay, including organized runs, parades, cultural festivals, concerts and more.


Experiences at the Port of San Diego

  • Enjoy our Parks & Piers

    Enjoy our Parks & Piers

    With 22 public parks, 5 public piers and over 200 acres of open space, the waterfront is the perfect place to enjoy everything San Diego Bay has to offer.

    Visit Port parks
  • Cruise the Port of Land and See

    Cruise the Port of Land and See

    Drop anchor in the heart of our city, where the cruise continues on land... With two cruise ship terminals ideally located in downtown San Diego, an unparalleled array of visitor opportunities are all just steps off the ship.

    Plan your cruise!
  • Visit San Diego Bay

    Visit San Diego Bay

    Be amazed by the unique sights, sounds and flavors across 34 miles of dynamic waterfront. From epic events to intimate concerts, from world-class restaurants to traveling food trucks, from stunning coastal views to vibrant parks, from high-powered jet skis to tranquil sailboats and from four-star hotels to camping under the stars.

    Visit the Wonderfront!
  • Waterfront Events

    Waterfront Events

    The Tidelands Activation Program awards sponsors community events along the waterfront that connect visitors and residents to new cultures and vibrant activities.

    Find out more about the Tideland Activation Program

    Check out Waterfront Events!
  • Immerse Yourself in the Arts

    Immerse Yourself in the Arts

    The art of the bayfront is not simply a spectacle to behold, but the addition of depth and personality to our shared community. Experience the Tide+Land+Art collection with self-guided tours designed to take you on a journey of textures, sights and sound.

    Immerse Yourself!
  • Park to Play

    Park to Play

    Visiting the Wonderfront is easy with a variety of parking meters, pay stations, parking lots, and even park and ride options during the summer shuttle season!

    Waterfront Parking
A view from the San Diego Bay towards downtown San Diego with a cruise ship in port

Plan Your Cruise

San Diego offers fun for all ages, from paddleboarding through the bay to a trip through naval history. Experience the unique charm of San Diego, just moments from your ship. 



two boys interact with a big red wheel at Time Strata by Margaret Noble

Parks & Recreation




Fish balloons at a parade

Tidelands Activation Programs (TAP)

As part of our efforts to support a vibrant and active waterfront, the Port of San Diego offers sponsorship to community organized events through the Tidelands Activation Programs, or TAP.

    The Port of San Diego's Waterfront Arts and Activation program brings people to the bay!

    Port Spaces Curatorial Series

    An ongoing series of temporary, pop-up artistic explorations and creative interventions throughout the Port District tidelands.

    San Diego Bay Fisheye aerial view

    Vending and Expressive Activity

    SDUPD Code Section 8.05