Port Gears up to Launch Clean Truck Program [UPDATE]

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A truck loads up windmill parts at the Port's Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal.Letters inviting participation sent to truck owners serving the Port of San Diego

The Port of San Diego is asking truck owners who do business at the Port's Tenth Avenue and National City Marine Terminals if they would be willing to participate in a program to reduce air emissions. Letters were recently sent out to 364 truck owners informing them of the program that would help pay for truck retrofitting or replacement.

“Party Boat” Neptune’s Palace Removed from South San Diego Bay [UPDATE]

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thumb ev 2008 06 02 party boat 01 667An abandoned party boat, Neptune's Place, which has been stuck in shallow water off the Chula Vista bay front has finally been towed away.

Workers from Marine Group Boat Works removed the vessel and towed it to the company's boat yard during an early morning high tide on Tuesday, June 3. The 120-foot boat has been stuck in South San Diego Bay since 2003, when it blew off its moorings during a storm. Since then, the abandoned boat, considered an environmental hazard, has remained in the shallow water.

Port Completes Revised Draft Environmental Impact Report for Chula Vista Bayfront Master Plan

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The Port of San Diego has updated the Draft Environmental Impact Report that focuses on a master plan which will transform the Chula Vista bay front with a convention center, new hotels, condominiums, parks, and provide better access to the waterfront.

The 10,069-page report analyzes the possible environmental effects the 556-acre project will have on such areas as traffic, aesthetics, biological resources, water and air quality, noise, and other factors.

Shipping Containers Leaving Port of San Diego Screened By Customs & Border Protection

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More than 400 containers per week leaving the Port's Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal are being scanned for terrorist weapons. United States Customs and Border Protection installed the detectors at the terminal as part of its nationwide effort to detect radiological and nuclear weapons.

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