Port of San Diego Updates 2017 Public Outreach Schedule for Draft Port Master Plan Update

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The Port of San Diego has updated a schedule of additional events in 2017 to continue public outreach opportunities and collaboration with stakeholders during the drafting and discussion of the Port Master Plan Update as part of the Integrated Planning initiative.

Under the revised schedule, the next public events will be Tuesday, October 10 and Thursday, October 12. (An earlier timeline listed events in September, which have been moved to the October dates.)

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Port of San Diego Issues Request for Proposals for Interim Management and Operation of Seaport Village

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Seaport Village San DiegoThe Port of San Diego has opened a competitive selection process for a third party to manage and operate Seaport Village on an interim basis after the current lease expires on September 30, 2018. The intent of the Request for Proposals (RFP) solicitation, known as the Waterfront Retail Opportunity, is to ensure the shopping and dining complex remains a vibrant and prosperous waterfront destination for residents and visitors until the Port’s planned redevelopment of the Central Embarcadero. Interested parties can download the RFP on PlanetBids.

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Port of San Diego installing Signs Urging the Public to not Feed Birds

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In its ongoing efforts to improve the environment of San Diego Bay and the tidelands, the Port of San Diego has begun installing signs urging the public to refrain from feeding birds.

There has been an increase of citizens leaving food out for birds in various Port park locations which has resulted in an increase of seagulls, pigeons and other varieties of birds. The birds often will rummage through trash receptacles, strewing debris and leaving large amounts of fecal deposits in these areas. The fecal material can sometimes run off into San Diego Bay, degrading the water quality with increased bacteria. This can lead to beach closures.

Feeding the birds is also unhealthy to the birds themselves. It creates a dependence on humans for food, which can lead to overpopulation and ecological imbalance.

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Port of San Diego Presents Open Sessions with Artist Randy Walker Aug. 22 and 23

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Randy Walker photo Julie SwansonThe Port of San Diego’s Waterfront Arts & Activation Department is hosting two interactive presentations with artist Randy Walker as part of its Open Sessions program series. Open Sessions is a community engagement program that provides opportunities for the public to learn about the Port’s arts and cultural initiatives, meet artists, and engage in the artwork development process. The public is invited to the free events.

Walker is a Minneapolis-based fiber artist who was commissioned to develop a temporary multi-site artwork project inspired by the Port’s maritime industries. The artwork is targeted for installation in mid-2018 at the Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal and National City Marine Terminal and will involve the artistic process of “wrapping” elements at the terminals. It will be on view for approximately one year.

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