Jurisdictional Runoff Management Program (JRMP)

The Port has updated its Jurisdictional Runoff Management Program (JRMP) in accordance with the requirements of the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board (Regional Board) Order No. R9-2013-0001, as amended by Order No. R9-2015-0001 (NPDES Permit #CAS0109266, Municipal Permit).

The JRMP addresses the discharge of pollutants and urban runoff flow to the municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) to the maximum extent practicable (MEP). The JRMP focuses on three major phases of urban development including development planning, the construction, and the existing development or existing use phases as well as illicit discharges and connections.

The Port JRMP document serves as an informational document that provides an overall account of the program to be conducted by the Port during the five-year life of the Municipal Permit. The Port JRMP document has been developed to meet the conditions of the Municipal Permit and to assist the Port in addressing the highest and focused priority water quality conditions identified in the San Diego Bay Watershed Water Quality Improvement Plan (WQIP), as appropriate. The San Diego Bay WQIP and other watershed-related information are located on the Project Clean Water website.

The JRMP program’s focus is on controlling discharges from upstream sources and areas within the Port jurisdictional boundary to the MS4 that the Port owns and operates. The program’s overall goals are to achieve receiving water quality improvements and contribute to watershed efforts to meet the San Diego Bay WQIP goals for highest and focused priority water quality conditions, as appropriate. The JRMP utilizes Port-specific activities as well as watershed-based strategies. The main emphasis of the program is education. The programs described herein are effective as of June 27, 2015.


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00 Port of San Diego 2015 JRMP Final Report and Appendices 00 Port of San Diego 2015 JRMP Final Report and Appendices

Date added:06/26/2015
Date modified:06/26/2015
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000 Draft BMP Design Manual 000 Draft BMP Design Manual

Date added:05/04/2015
Date modified:05/04/2015
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The San Diego Unified Port District (Port) has been working with other San Diego County jurisdictions to develop a Model Best Management Practices (BMP) Design Manual for the San Diego Region. The Port and other copermittees held a public review and comment period for the model manual in February 2015. Currently, each copermittee is using this model to develop a tailored BMP Design Manual addressing post construction BMPs specific to their jurisdiction. BMPs are activities or structures implemented with the intent to prevent stormwater runoff pollution from entering the storm
drain system or directly entering the San Diego Bay.

The Port BMP Design Manual identifies updated post-construction stormwater requirements for new development and redevelopment
projects and provides revised procedures for planning, selecting, and designing permanent stormwater BMPs on both tenant and capital improvement projects as required by the 2013 Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit (Order No. R9-2013-0001) issued by the Regional Water Quality Control Board.
Implementation of the new design requirements will begin in December 2015.

You are invited to preview the Draft Port BMP Design Manual and provide comments. Please direct written comments or questions
to Allison Vosskuhler via email or the mailing address provided below by 5:00PM on May 27, 2015:

Email: avosskuhler@portofsandiego.org

Allison Vosskuhler, Senior Environmental Specialist

Environmental and Land Use Management

Office: 619-686-6254

Port of San Diego

P.O Box 120488 San Diego, CA 92112-0488

000 Draft Stormwater Ordinance Update 000 Draft Stormwater Ordinance Update

Date added:04/22/2015
Date modified:04/22/2015
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The proposed amendment will be submitted to the Board of Port Commissioners for adoption at the May 12, 2015, Board Meeting. The updated ordinance will become effective 30 days upon Board

You are invited to preview the proposed
amendment. Please direct any written comments or questions to Allison Vosskuhler by email at avosskuhler@portofsandiego.org
or to the address provided below by 5:00 PM on May 8, 2015:

Allison Vosskuhler, Senior Environmental
Specialist, Environmental and Land Use Management.

Office: 619-686-6254

Port of San Diego, P.O Box 120488, San Diego, CA 92112-0488

01-FINAL 2012-2013 Annual Update Part 1 01-FINAL 2012-2013 Annual Update Part 1

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02-FINAL 2012-2013 Annual Update Part 2 02-FINAL 2012-2013 Annual Update Part 2

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03-Final 2012-2013 JURMP ANNUAL REPORT 03-Final 2012-2013 JURMP ANNUAL REPORT

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2008 JURMP 2008 JURMP

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2008 JURMP Annual Report 2008 JURMP Annual Report

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2008 JURMP Annual Report Appendices 2008 JURMP Annual Report Appendices

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2008 JURMP Appendices 2008 JURMP Appendices

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2008-2009-JURMP Annual Report 2008-2009-JURMP Annual Report

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2008-2009-JURMP Annual Report Appendices 2008-2009-JURMP Annual Report Appendices

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2008-2009-jurmp-update 2008-2009-jurmp-update

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2008-2009-jurmp_ar 2008-2009-jurmp_ar

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2009-10 Annual JURMP Update 2009-10 Annual JURMP Update

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2010-2011 JURMP Annual Report 2010-2011 JURMP Annual Report

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2010-2011-JURMP Update 2010-2011-JURMP Update

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2011-2012 JURMP Annual Report 2011-2012 JURMP Annual Report

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2011-2012 JURMP Update 2011-2012 JURMP Update

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2013–2014 JURMP Annual Report 2013–2014 JURMP Annual Report

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annual-jurmp-update. annual-jurmp-update.

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