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Bay Brotocol

Two bay loving bros are shocked to see a neighbor over watering his lawn, allowing chemicals to seep into storm drains. They are happy to turn their unsuspecting overwatering neighbor into a brocean bro that knows how to take care of his bay.





Bay Brotocol

We know you love your bay, you own it, you want to take care of it, it’s your number one priority; you are ready to change your relationship status to make it official. Okay, maybe that’s a bit much, but we all love San Diego Bay and want to be sure it stays the pristine natural resource it is for generations to come. When you visit, we want you to say to yourself, #ThatsMyBay! And sometimes, it just takes a simple reminder not to take your bay for granted. So the Port of San Diego is here with helpful tips and suggestions on how we can all do our part to keep our bay looking classy, not trashy!

Do you even know, bro?

Storm drains in San Diego lead right into the bay - and there’s no elaborate filtration system. Great for curbing floods during thunderstorm, sure … dangerous when the storm is a toxic concoction of pesticides, chemicals, fertilizers and other harmful products carried by overwatering! Seahorses, sea turtles, fishies, and other marine life aren’t pests - they don’t wanna drink that, either. There are solutions, tho, bro - taking good care of your yard also takes good care of your bay. #ThatsMyBay

Why is it important not to overwater your lawn?

  • Seahorsies, sea turtles and fishies are not pests! But the pesticide we put on lawns gets washed away into the bay and hurts our sea creatures.
  • Weedkiller is not meant for seaweed! And fertilizer is not meant for eelgrass! But lawn chemicals carry toxins that are washed into the bay and do serious damage.
  • Overuse of chemicals and over-watering landscaping all contributes to this harmful process.

How you can help:


  • Use native plants and xeriscaping which require less water and fertilizers.
  • Practice environmentally friendly gardening by using safe, natural products and methods instead of harsh chemicals.
  • Use only what you need when watering to ensure excess water does not wash away debris or chemicals into storm drains.