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Tariffs & Regulations of Vessels

The San Diego Unified Port District Act requires the Board of Port Commissioners to make and enforce necessary rules and regulations governing the use and control of all navigable waters, tidelands and submerged lands within the District.

San Diego Unified Port District Tariffs

Click here for Port of San Diego Tariff No. 1-G: containing the rates, charges, rules and regulations applicable to waterborne commerce; governing the use of public and commercial berths located at the Port of San Diego marine terminals, piers and wharves; and governing the pilotage of vessels shifting within, entering or leaving San Diego Bay.

San Diego Unified Port District Code (Regulations)

Listed below are Port District Code sections pertaining to the Regulation of Vessels, Anchoring, Mooring, Terminal Operators and Aquatic Activities. Please locate the full Port Code in the documents section below.

Article 4: Marine Operations

Regulation of Vessels

  • 4.01 Disabled, Grounded, and Beached
  • 4.02 Berthing and Mooring
  • 4.03 Inspection of Vessel, Cargo or Crew
  • 4.04 Speed Regulations
  • 4.05 Use of Wharf Facilities to Break, Warp, or Turn Vessel Prohibited
  • 4.06 Mooring to Aids to Navigation
  • 4.07 Mooring Restrictions
  • 4.08 Regulation of Vessels -Anchorages
  • 4.09 Regulation of Vessels -G Street Mole Mooring
  • 4.10 Terminal Operator Defined
  • 4.11 Terminal Operator Regulations
  • 4.12 Terminal Operator Tariffs
  • 4.13 Terminal Operator Agreements Required
  • 4.14 Regulation of In-Water Hull Cleaning
  • 4.30 South San Diego Bay Anchoring, Mooring and Aquatic Activities Regulated
  • 4.35 Central San Diego Bay Anchoring, Mooring and Aquatic Activities Regulated
  • 4.36 Regulation of Vessels -A-8 Anchorage
  • 4.37 Regulation of Six Pack Charter Vessels
  • 4.38 Regulation of Vessels at Anchorages A1, A5, and A9

Section 8.01 Diving Within San Diego Bay Regulated

  • 8.02 Park Areas Regulated
  • 8.03 Emergency Park Closure
  • 8.05 Business and Commercial Activities Regulated
  • 8.22 Advertising or Displaying Boats For Sale Regulated
  • 8.23 Sounding of Sirens Prohibited
  • 8.24 Abandoning of Watercraft Prohibited
  • 8.25 Authority to Remove Watercraft
  • 8.26 Assemblies Regulated
  • 8.27 Aquatic Activities Regulated
  • 8.28 Regulation of Para-Sailing, Hang Gliders, and Similar Devices

Article 10 – Stormwater Management and discharge control

  • 10.02(a)21: Non-stormwater and illicit discharge
  • 10.02(a)38: Non-stormwater
  • 10.02(a)65: Waste 
  • 10.05(a)1: Illegal discharges
  • 10.05(a)3: Waste and pollutants disposed on land and water
  • 10.05(a)7: Wash waters
  • 10.05(a)9: Repair, construction, and demolition debris
  • 10.05(a)5: Discharge of excreta and sewage