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San Diego Bay is located about 96 nautical miles southeast of Los Angeles and just north of the United States-Mexico border. San Diego's close proximity to open ocean and lack of shipping congestion make it an excellent location for cargo shipping.

The Port serves as a transshipment facility for the region. The year-round mild climate is conducive to handling all types of cargo: container, dry bulk, liquid bulk, refrigerated, vehicle, breakbulk, and project cargo.

The Port's two marine cargo facilities are Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal and National City Marine Terminal. The Port also owns the B Street Cruise Ship Terminal.


Port of San Diego Proposes Plan to Create More Jobs, Increase Regional Economic Impact

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dole shipEnvironmental Impact Report commissioned to study modernization of Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal

The Port of San Diego has issued a Notice of Preparation for a Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to fully study the potential effects of a proposed modernization plan for the Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal (TAMT), located off Harbor Dr. and Cesar Chavez Pkwy.

"The proposed plan will optimize the Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal as a vital, global gateway for imports and exports and boost San Diego's role as a true global city of the 21st Century," said the Port of San Diego's Maritime Director Joel Valenzuela.

The proposed plan will create three terminals within one existing footprint, and bring additional cargo through the terminal within its current specialties of break-bulk cargo such as military and energy parts, refrigerated containers for fresh produce, and clean bulk cargo used in construction. The proposal includes removal of obsolete infrastructure and upgrades facilities in order to handle more cargo in an efficient and environmentally responsible way.


Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez Tours Port of San Diego

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sanchez visitUnited States Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (D-46th/CA) visited the Port of San Diego on March 10, 2015. During her stop at the Port, Rep. Sanchez received a briefing from Port of San Diego Commissioner Rafael Castellanos, Port Acting President/CEO John Bolduc, Acting Harbor Police Chief Mark Stainbrook and senior staff.

The briefing included background on the Port's operations and responsibilities, as well as an update on its economic impact and financial performance. Port staff also highlighted the Port's role as a strategic port, and the collaboration of the Harbor Police with the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, Customs & Border Protection and other agencies in the security of San Diego harbor. The Port's presentation also gave an overview on the Port's cybersecurity initiative and grant-funded projects.


Port Releases New Video on Industrial and Maritime Jobs

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The Port of San Diego is proud to debut its newest educational video, which focuses on the industrial and maritime waterfront of San Diego Bay.

The video seeks to define the Port's industrial and maritime sector and demonstrate its significant contributions to the regional economy by featuring skilled workers and their unique waterfront jobs. The video was presented to the Board of Port Commissioners as part of its regular meeting on October 14, 2014.