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thumb DSC 1196The San Diego Harbor Police Department is the law enforcement authority for the San Diego Unified Port District.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Harbor Police Department is to provide uniformed police services and marine firefighting with the territorial limits of the Port of San Diego.

Our services include professional law enforcement and support staff, interacting with the public to ensure a safe and secure environment at the the San Diego International Airport, on San Diego Bay and Port tidelands.

We strive to provide superior customer service while meeting the needs of Port District tenants and the community.

Department Themes:

  • Leadership: The Harbor Police Department considers every employee a leader, not only in how they perform at every call but how they handle every contact with the public. Our Supervisors are committed to being consistent amongst the shifts, and committed to the success of those who work for them.
  • Visibility: The Harbor Police Department is committed to being highly visible to deter crimes and acts of terrorism in the San Diego Region, particularly in the Port of San Diego tidelands areas. The Department is an integral part of the community both regionally, and throughout the tidelands areas.
  • Preparation: Members of the Harbor Police Department are prepared to respond to emergencies or any hazards by ensuring their equipment, training, and readiness are always maintained at the highest level. We, as a department, are ready to serve the region and to deter or prevent crime and counter-terrorism. The agency is well trained in response to any natural or human-made disaster.

Code of Ethics & Organizational Chart

Harbor Police on Patrol

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Meet the K9 Officers

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