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Answers to Common Questions


Q: Is the Harbor Police Department currently hiring?

The Harbor Police Department offers testing for employment frequently throughout the year. See Recruiting and Application for more information.

Q: What services does the Harbor Police Department provide and what is the department's jurisdiction?

The Harbor Police Department provides uniformed police services and marine fire fighting within the territorial limits of the Port of San Diego. The department's services include professional law enforcement and support staff interacting with the public to ensure a safe and secure environment at Lindbergh Field, on San Diego Bay and on Tidelands.

Q: How many employees does the Harbor Police Department employ?

The Harbor Police is the law enforcement arm of the Port of San Diego and has 130 sworn officers – all trained as firefighters and police officers.

Q: What is the difference between Harbor Police and Harbor Patrol?

The Harbor Police Department is a division of the Port of San Diego and provides law enforcement and marine fire fighting services to San Diego Bay. The Harbor Patrol is a division of the San Diego Police Department and provides law enforcement services only to San Diego's Mission Bay.

Q: Why are the Harbor Police the law enforcement agency for the airport?

The airport was constructed on Port District tidelands (man made land) and so has been managed by the Port of San Diego. The Harbor Police Department is a division of the Port District and is responsible for law enforcement on all Port District properties. The Harbor Police Department will continue indefinitely to provide law enforcement services to San Diego International Airport after January 1st under contract with the new Regional Airport Authority.

Q: How do I find out about Port District codes and regulations?

The entire pdf San Diego Unified Port District Port Code (6.36 MB) is publicly available.

Q: How do I obtain an anchoring permit, mooring or transient slip rental in San Diego Bay?

All anchoring permits, moorings and transient slip rentals must be requested from the Port District's Mooring Office. They can be contacted at (619) 686-6227. Reservations can be made online or at their office, located at 1401 Shelter Island Drive, San Diego, CA, 92106.

Q: How do I get a dive permit in San Diego Bay and what is the criteria?

See the Dive Permits page for information on obtaining dive permits in San Diego Bay.

Q: Can I get a special events permit?

Special events permits must be applied for through the Port District. Comprehensive information is available on the District website.

Q: How do I obtain copies of a police report?

Information on obtaining copies of police reports is available.

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