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Public safety is everyone’s responsibility. Have fun, but be vigilant, too. If you see something – something you know is out of place, or someone’s behavior doesn’t seem quite right – say something! Report suspicious activity to a uniformed officer or call 911. Be prepared to describe:

  • Who or what you saw
  • When you saw it
  • Where it occurred
  • Why it’s suspicious

The San Diego Harbor Police Department is the premier police presence in San Diego Bay, the San Diego International Airport (also known as Lindbergh Field), and on all Tidelands around the bay. Our jurisdiction extends through the five member cities of the Port District, which include San Diego, Chula Vista, Coronado, Imperial Beach, and National City.

Port of San Diego's Harbor Police K-9 Team Sniffs Out Explosives, Narcotics

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K9-airportSix officers with the Harbor Police Department have a critically important job. These homeland security officers are specifically trained to search for explosives and narcotics – and they can do it all in one sniff.

The Port of San Diego's Harbor Police K-9 team is one of the only federally-certified explosives and narcotics detection units in San Diego County.

"Our K-9 detection teams primarily work at the San Diego International Airport and screen passenger luggage and cargo that is being moved onto aircraft to make sure there are no explosive or dangerous devices," said Harbor Police Chief John A. Bolduc. "These teams work very closely with the Transportation Security Administration to provide safety for all air travelers."

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Harbor Police Officers Cross-Train to Battle Fires on Bay, Waterfront

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DSC 5425Responding to an average of nearly one waterfront fire per week, the Port of San Diego’s Harbor Police Department is properly trained to immediately respond and contain emergencies.

The Harbor Police Department is the only law enforcement agency in San Diego County that dually-trains its members as police officers and marine firefighters.

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Harbor Police Respond to Call of Suspicious Package Left at Parking Lot

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At approximately 12 p.m., on Wednesday, July 18, the Port of San Diego's Harbor Police responded to a call regarding a suspicious package that was left on the driver's seat of a pickup truck owned by Ace Parking. The truck was parked at the entrance of the SanPark airport parking lot at 3302 Pacific Highway, San Diego.

A SanPark employee told Harbor Police that he witnessed someone place a plastic bag on the driver's seat of the unlocked pickup. The employee picked up the bag and told Harbor Police that he thought he saw wires protruding from a cylindrically-shaped object.

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