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Public safety is everyone’s responsibility. Have fun, but be vigilant, too. If you see something – something you know is out of place, or someone’s behavior doesn’t seem quite right – say something! Report suspicious activity to a uniformed officer or call 911. Be prepared to describe:

  • Who or what you saw
  • When you saw it
  • Where it occurred
  • Why it’s suspicious

The San Diego Harbor Police Department is the premier police presence in San Diego Bay, the San Diego International Airport (also known as Lindbergh Field), and on all Tidelands around the bay. Our jurisdiction extends through the five member cities of the Port District, which include San Diego, Chula Vista, Coronado, Imperial Beach, and National City.

Harbor Police Receives Grant from San Diego County Law Enforcement Foundation

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DSC 1196The Port of San Diego's Harbor Police Department was recently awarded a grant from the San Diego County Law Enforcement Foundation to purchase five additional emergency locator beacons to assist officers in emergency and/or rescue operations.

The Foundation, a non-profit corporation that provides financial support to county-wide law enforcement agencies, awarded the Harbor Police Department a sum of $1,260.

Port of San Diego Harbor Police: “Every Day is Different”

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SDHP Patrol_03The day-to-day operations of the Port of San Diego's Harbor Police Department can change in a heartbeat.

Harbor Police officers patrol on both water and land – around the clock – servicing the Port's five member cities: San Diego, Imperial Beach, National City, Coronado, and Chula Vista.

"Harbor Police officers have a very diverse mission, and are a unique regional asset." said Harbor Police Chief John A. Bolduc. "Our officers patrol in vessels, they patrol in squad cars and they patrol on foot at San Diego International Airport."

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Harbor Police Divers: Regional Asset for 21st Century Policing

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DSC 0864An elite group of Harbor Police Department officers spend time underwater, sometimes, working in darkness, searching – for a gun, a knife or a body.

This 20-member cadre of officers comprise the Port of San Diego’s Harbor Police Department dive team, one of only two law enforcement dive squads in the county.

The special squad and its fellow police officers – 130 in all – are the front-line protectors of the 22-square-mile San Diego Bay and the surrounding land. They are ready for duty 24 hours a day, prepared to respond to any emergency.

Port of San Diego Harbor Police Divers

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