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Tidelands Activation Program

As part of our efforts to support a vibrant and active waterfront, the Port of San Diego offers sponsorship to community organized events through the Tidelands Activation Program, or TAP.

    Fish balloons at a parade

    Tidelands Activation Program (TAP)

    This annual grant program supports events, large and small, that engage the community and inspire visitors to enjoy San Diego Bay. Events are selected through a rigorous public evaluation process led by the Tidelands Activation Program Advisory Committee, which includes members of the community.

    Tidelands Activation Program Sponsorship

    The Port of San Diego offers sponsorship to community organized events through the Tidelands Activation Program (TAP) in effort to create a vibrant waterfront experience. This annual grant program provides funding and/or service fee waivers, for large and small events that engage the community and inspire visitors to enjoy San Diego Bay. 

    Application Timeline

    Applications for event sponsorships are submitted annually for the upcoming fiscal year, which runs from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020. The timeline for applying for the FY20 TAP, is as follows:

    November 9, 2018 FY20 TAP application release
    January 6, 2019     FY20 TAP application deadline
    January–February 2019 District staff review 
    March 2019 TAP Advisory Committee review 
    April 2019 Board review and approval


    Apply for the Tidelands Activation Program

    The FY20 TAP application must be completed online. Prior to applying, we encourage you to download and review the sample application to familiarize yourself with the requirements. Do not email, fax, or hand deliver the application as this will not be accepted. Only online applications that are submitted by 5PM PST Sunday, January 6, 2019 will be reviewed. The Port is not responsible for applications that are not received due to technical issues. 

    Click here for sample application.

    Click here to complete the online FY20 TAP Application.


    Criteria for Evaluating Sponsorship Applications
    • Events should take place on Port Tidelands. This includes the 22 public parks, Broadway Pier & Pavilion, B Street Pier & Cruise Ship Terminal and public open space along San Diego Bay. 
    • Moving events with no single fixed location such as runs, walks and bike rides, at least a portion of the event must occur on Port Tidelands. 
    • The number of people the event will attract to the Port Tidelands considering the area utilized, the nature of the event and the affected community.
    • The ability of the event to do one or more of the following:
      • Attract diverse visitors and demographics to District Tidelands;
      • Foster relationships between the Port and its stakeholders in the region and community;
      • Provide a desirable attraction that is rare or unique to the Port Tidelands;
      • Provide the Port with opportunities to educate the public and its stakeholders, promote one or more of its mission areas, attract attention to future economic activities and opportunities on the Port Tidelands, and activate its parks, the waterfront and San Diego Bay through community engagement and/or media coverage;
      • Become self-sustaining through broad support and sustainable funding;
      • Grow in numbers.
    • The applicant's ability to measure the event's attendance and support.
    • Percentage of the event's budget that is being requested from the Port (funding and services).
    • Projected impacts of the event on Port tenant businesses and the surrounding community.
    • Documented past and expected future economic impact and financial return to the District. For certain events,
    • the Port may audit and/or require the applicant to conduct a post-event economic impact analysis.
    • Expected promotional and/or marketing value of the event for the Port through attendee participation, event promotion and media coverage.

    Information for Event Organizers

    Click for the Tidelands Activation Program - Event Organizer Toolkit and Event Wrap-Up Form.

    Applications open October/November 2018

    Event Organizer Deliverables
    Port Deliverables    
    Press Releases
    Speaking Programs
    Port Logo
    PNG Logo Files
    EPS Logo Files
    Online Inclusion Links
    Social Media
    Event Permit Logistics
    Required Attachments

    Location Tagging
    Links to pictures, site maps, capacity info.
    and google maps link
    On Site Materials Coordination
    Giveaways/Marketing Materials
    Recognition Cover-Sheet
    Contact Information

    More documents and FAQs below.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much funding can I request from the Tidelands Activation Program?

    While there is no pre-established limit for requesting funding or service fee waivers, the Board of Port Commissioners sets the program’s total budget on an annual basis. 

    What is the annual budget allotted for the Tidelands Activation Program?

    The annual budget varies from year to year. Annually, the Port receives requests that exceed the available TAP budget.  

    What types of service fee waivers can I apply for?

    Service fees include the Port’s park and facility permitting, parking, stage rental, dockage and wharfage, and relocation of furnishings. Other services will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and you may be required to pay for certain services even if your event is sponsored with waivers of facility fees.

    How will I know if my sponsorship application was approved?

    You will be notified of Port staff's initial recommendation via email. Additionally, you can attend the Tidelands Activation Program Advisory Committee (TAPAC) meeting and the Board of Port Commissioners meeting where the final approval is made. Following the Board meeting, a complete list of approved sponsorships will be available. 

    Tidelands Activation Program Schedule of Events for FY 18/19



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