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Shelter Island Guest Docks



Shelter Island Shoreline Park

Man taking a photo from the pier of the speedboat on the bright blue water under light blue skies

Shelter Island Guest Docks and Anchorage

In order to accommodate boating visitors to San Diego Bay, the San Diego Unified Port District maintains a public access Guest Dock facility at the Harbor Police Sub Station, 1401 Shelter Island Drive, San Diego. The station is located on the southern end of Shelter Island at the entrance to the Shelter Island Yacht Basin.

  • The facility has 26-slips
  • It can host recreational vessels up to 65-feet in length
  • Vessels can stay for periods of up to 15 days, within a 40 day period
  • Water and 30 Amp shore power connections are available at each slip
  • The slips are rented at $1.00 per lineal foot per day
  • Sanitary station facilities are provided at the Guest Dock - Click for more information & additional locations

Shelter Island Guest Docks and Anchorage Online Reservations Click here 

Credit cards are accepted for the online payment. Reservations can be made up to 14 days in advance for the Guest Dock. Restrooms, showers and parking are available adjacent to the dock area. A public telephone is located at the entrance of the Harbor Police long dock. No major repairs or maintenance shall be performed at this facility.

The Harbor Police Mooring Office staff can be contacted during regular business hours, Monday – Friday 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. excluding weekends and holidays, by calling 619.686.6227

In addition to the Shelter Island Guest Docks facility, the Port also provides two 72-hour anchorages and a "Cruisers Anchorage". No fee is required to anchor in these areas; however, a permit is required and can be obtained through the above-mentioned web site at least 24 hours in advance and up to one year in advance. Permits for the A-9 Cruisers Anchorage are not available through the Port's website.

All boaters must comply with federal, state, and local laws and regulations, including illegal discharges to land and water. The San Diego Bay is a “No discharge” area. The discharge of black water (sewage) from any vessel while berthed, moored, or anchored in San Diego Bay is prohibited. All boats with installed toilet facilities must have an operable marine sanitation device (MSD) on board. Boats must store sewage in holding tanks and dispose regularly at sanitary stations (pump-out facilities).

See Tariffs & Regulations


  • La Playa Cove is a 72-hour, weekend-only anchorage located between San Diego and Southwestern Yacht Clubs in the Shelter Island yacht basin.
  • The hours of anchoring are from 0900 hours on Friday through 0900 hours on Monday.
  • In case of a weekend holiday, anchoring is permitted for 96 hours.
  • If the holiday falls on a Friday, anchoring is permitted from 0900 hours on Thursday through 0900 hours on Monday.
  • If the holiday falls on a Monday, anchoring is permitted from 0900 hours on Friday through 0900 hours on Tuesday.
  • A maximum of 40 boats are allowed in the cove.
  • All boats must have holding tanks.
  • Boats must store grey water (galley, bath, and shower water) and black water (sewage) in holding tanks and dispose at sanitary stations (pump-out facilities).


  • The A5 anchorage is located in Glorietta Bay, south of the Coronado Golf Course.
  • Anchorage is allowed for up to 72-hours only.
  • The hours for anchoring are from 0900 hours on the first day to 0900 hours on the last day.
  • Minimum of one calendar day between A5 permits.
  • A maximum of 20 boats are allowed in the anchorage.
  • All boats must have holding tanks.
  • Boats must store grey water (galley, bath, and shower water) and black water (sewage) in holding tanks and dispose at sanitary stations (pump-out facilities).


  • The A9 anchorage is located in an area adjacent to the United States Coast Guard Air Station and the eastern tip of Harbor Island.
  • This anchorage is available to non-residents of San Diego County only.
  • Permit requires a vessel inspection performed by the Harbor Police Officer.
  • Permits for this anchorage must be obtained in person at 1401 Shelter Island Drive and proof of non-residency must be provided. You may dock at the Harbor Police/Customs Check-in Dock.
  • Notify Harbor Police Department Dispatch, (619) 686-6272 that you are on the dock requesting an A-9 vessel inspection and permit.
  • A copy of the permit will be issued to the boat owner and must remain on board as proof of issuance.
  • The length of stay allowed for the anchorage is 30 days with two extensions available for a total stay of 90 days in a 12-month period.
  • All vessels obtaining a permit must renew their permit every 30 days without exception.
  • The Cruisers Anchorage is marked by three large yellow can buoys that warn of the restricted water space toward the Coast Guard Air Station to the east.
  • A red channel buoy showing the entrance to the Harbor Island lagoon marks the West End.
  • This anchorage is available for up to 20 vessels.
  • Boats must store grey water (galley, bath, and shower water) and black water (sewage) in holding tanks and dispose at sanitary stations (pump-out facilities).

In the event Harbor Police or Harbormaster staff determine that any anchorage is congested and an additional vessel would inhibit access by police/fire boats or in some manner would be detrimental to safe boating, a permit would not be issued. Owners/Operators of vessels are responsible for all applicable state laws and local ordinances, in addition to any environmental concerns such as sanitary containers and holding tanks.