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Foreign-Trade Zone

FTZ 153, Site 19 is a public FTZ located at Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal in San Diego, California.


Aerial photo of Port of San Diego Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal

What is a Foreign-Trade Zone?

A Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) is a customs territory outside of the United States that expedites and encourages foreign commerce and other purposes. In an FTZ, both foreign and domestic merchandise may be admitted for operations such as storage, exhibition, manipulation, destruction, assembly, manufacture, and processing, without being subject to formal U.S. Customs and Border Protection entry procedures and payment of duties, unless and until the foreign merchandise enters the Customs territory for domestic consumption.

FTZ 153, Site 19 is a public FTZ located at Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal in San Diego, California:

  • 20-minute proximity to U.S./Mexico
  • International Border
  • 20-minute proximity to San Diego
  • International Airport
  • Access to major Interstate highway system
  • connectivity
  • Direct on-dock rail access to U.S. Midwest

Benefits of FTZ

  • Defer Duty Payments
    • Pay duties only when imports are withdrawn from FTZ resulting in a cash flow savings
  • Reduce Duty
    • Pay lower duty on component material or finished merchandise
  • Quality Control and Exhibition
    • Ensure only merchandise that meets specifications is imported
    • Store materials until ready for use
  • Logistical Benefits
    • Weekly entry
    • Expedited shipments
    • Zone to zone transfers

Download FTZ One Sheet - English

Download FTZ One Sheet - Spanish

Download FTZ One Sheet - Korean

Download FTZ One Sheet - Japanese

maritime TAMT laydown area with wind turbines


Importers/Shippers looking to save/defer duties (seeking Mid-term/Long-term storage savings and solutions).

Target Cargos

  • Breakbulk (Steel and aluminum products)
  • Project Cargos (Power generation equipment,
  • transformers, wind and solar components)
  • Automotive Parts (Harnesses, tires, electrical wiring)
  • Containers
  • Beverage


Download FTZ Overview - english

Download FTZ One Sheet - Spanish

Download FTZ Overview - Korean

Download FTZ One Sheet - Japanese

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The City of San Diego is the grantee for FTZ 153. For a full list of FTZ operators in San Diego and for more information, please visit