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Harbor Police Resources and Updates

Port of San Diego Harbor Police Resources and Updates for Port tenants. Bookmark this page and check for updates.

Port of San Diego Harbor Police vehicle patrol

The Port of San Diego Harbor Police Department protects and serves the public on and along San Diego Bay and at the San Diego International Airport. Harbor Police officers are on the front lines of security and service, and police dispatch and public safety services occur 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the safekeeping of the public and our tenant partners, the Harbor Police Department offers a variety of current resources and updates to assist the community in staying safe and informed. This page will be updated periodically with messages from Chief Mark G. Stainbrook, crime trends and bulletins, and more to keep the public and tenants informed. 

A Message from Chief Stainbrook

March Message from Chief Mark Stainbrook:

March is Women's History Month and we are celebrating with videos speaking with female Harbor Police Department employees. Click on this video as to see an interview with Captain Magda Fernandez . Watch this video to find out how Captain Fernandez balanced her work and home life as she promoted within the Harbor Police Department.

Learn more about Chief Stainbrook

Check out this video as we speak with Dispatch Supervisor Konia Elliott . Find out why Konia believes that it is important for women to have strong opinions.


Be on the Lookout (BOLO)

In law enforcement terms, BOLO is an acronym that stands for "be on the lookout." BOLOs are issued to police officers and include information on illegal activities. Harbor Police is listing our latest BOLOs here to help keep our tenant partners and the public informed, and we encourage anyone with information relating to a BOLO to contact us.

There are no BOLO'S at this time.


If you have information, please contact Port of San Diego Harbor Police:
Front Desk: 619.686.6570

Emergency: 619.223.1133 or 9-1-1
Non-Emergency: 619.686.6272


Last Week On the Waterfront

Apr. 5-Apr. 11, 2021



  • 4/7: Port of San Diego Harbor Police responded to a call of a subject carrying a concealed firearm at 1300 Shelter Island Drive. Officers located the suspect and detained him. During a search officers located a handgun concealed in the suspect’s waistband. The firearm was confiscated as evidence and the subject was given a citation and released at the scene.


  • 4/7: Port of San Diego Harbor Police conducted a traffic stop for a vehicle code violation. The vehicle initially yielded but the then fled at high speed. After a short pursuit the suspect vehicle collided with the parking structure in front of Terminal #2 at the San Diego International Airport. The suspect attempted to flee the area on foot but was taken into custody. No officers were injured during this incident. The suspect sustained multiple injuries from the vehicle collision and was transported to the hospital.


  • 4/9: Port of San Diego Harbor Police received a call of a naked subject running near 1306 N. Harbor Dr. Officers attempted to contact the subject, but they fled into the street to avoid them. Officers were able to detain the subject at the Body Beautiful Car Wash. The subject was determined to be having a mental health crisis and was transport to the hospital for evaluation.


  • 4/9: Port of San Diego Harbor Police responded to a call of a vessel fire on board a 55 foot motor yacht at Sunroad Marina. The fire had been extinguished prior to officers arriving on scene. There was minor burn damage to the stern and electrical lines of the vessel.



  • 4/10: Port of San Diego Harbor Police received to a call of subjects refusing to follow TSA regulations in Terminal #1 Security Checkpoint #3. Two subjects refused to wear a mask in the airport terminal and while going through the security checkpoint. The airline decided to cancel the subjects flight and the subjects were asked to leave the airport. Both subjects refused to leave the building and were admonished by the TSA and the Airport Authority. The subjects refused to leave after being admonished and were taken into custody. The subjects were issued citations and released from Harbor Police Headquarters.


  • 4/10: Port of San Diego Harbor Police observed a subject that looked disoriented walking toward the Washington Street gate of the San Diego International Airport. The subject appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. Officers attempted to make contact with the subject, but they were ignored. Officers detained the subject with a minor use of force and called for medics to evaluate the subject. The subject had minor abrasions and was transported to the hospital due to their mental state. No officers were injured during the incident.


  • 4/9: Port of San Diego Harbor Police responded to a call of a vehicle collision at Harbor Island Dr. and N. Harbor Dr. Officers arrived on scene and found that one of the vehicles had rolled over during the collision. Officers conducted traffic control and medics were called for one subject that had possible internal injuries from the incident. The subject was transported to the hospital for evaluation. The collision is under investigation.


Port of San Diego Harbor Police Crime Statistics

 March 2020 vs. March 2021
  March 2020 March 2021 % Change
Arrests 148 190 28%
Crime Reports 334 464 39%
Crimes with Violence 4 12 200%
Property Crimes 55 57 4%
Calls Responded to 4610 4870 6%


Jan. 1 to March 31, 2020 vs. Jan. 1 to March 31, 2021
  YTD 2020 YTD 2021 % Change
Arrests     513 531 4%
Crime Reports 1246 1264 1%
Crimes with Violence 24 31 29%
Property Crimes 215 206 -4%
Calls Responded to N/A 13538 N/A



Contact Port of San Diego Harbor Police

Harbor Police dispatch and public safety services remain in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For all inquiries regarding citations, crime reports, or arrests reports created by the Harbor Police, please contact the records department at 619.686.6596 or email

For all general questions related to the Harbor Police Department, please call 619.686.6570.



Hail us on

Chief of the Harbor Police  



Dive Permits

Mooring Office

619.223.1133 or 9-1-1


VHF Marine Channel 16






Port of San Diego Harbor Police Training Documents