Port of San Diego and City of Imperial Beach Celebrate Completion of Pier Refurbishment Project

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malcolmaddressingcrowdat IB pierThe Port of San Diego and the City of Imperial Beach celebrated the completion of a project that refurbished the deck of the Imperial Beach Pier on May 20, 2014. The project entailed replacing nearly 1,500 planks, most weighing 250 pounds. Approximately 35,000 spikes were used to anchor the new planks.

Jim Janney, Mayor of Imperial Beach, joined Board of Port Commissioners Vice Chairman Dan Malcolm in a "Final Nail" ceremony. They marked the project's completion by driving the final two spikes into the pier.

MalcolmJanneyspikes"I'm proud of the Port's investment in a new and improved Imperial Beach Pier for the public to enjoy," said Malcolm, who represents Imperial Beach. "This is one of our most popular viewing and fishing spots, and it's part of an economic revitalization of Imperial Beach that includes a new beach resort hotel, restaurants and a brewing company. The Imperial Beach Pier is a cornerstone of the public amenities that make this city a great place to live, work and play."

"The Imperial Beach Pier is a regional attraction and one of our beach city's and the Port's most iconic features since the original structure was built a half-century ago," said Janney. "Through major maintenance projects like this one, the Port of San Diego's investment in the continued operation of this community asset demonstrates the Port's commitment to the residents of Imperial Beach and to San Diego Bay."

ShaneErnieMalcolmJanneyIBPiereventThe project's contractor, Just Construction, Inc., completed the project in time for the busy Memorial Day weekend. The bulk of the work was accomplished at night, allowing for the pier to remain open during the day. The cost of the project was $420,000.

Originally constructed in the 1960s but later destroyed by a storm, the 1,491-foot Imperial Beach Pier was rebuilt in the 1980s. A major upgrade was completed in 2006.

The completion of the deck refurbishment project will help ensure the safety, public access and preservation of this important community asset.

 About the Port:

The Port of San Diego is a unified district encompassing five member cities surrounding San Diego Bay. A public agency, the Port is charged by the State of California with developing the tidelands and commercial business as steward of the public-trust tidelands along 34 miles of San Diego Bay. We share the waterfront with the Navy, which oversees 17 miles of San Diego Bay.

We operate under the Public Trust Doctrine, which specifies that these waterways and waterfronts are primarily reserved for water-dependent uses such as fishing, cargo activity, bay tours and recreational access such as hotels and restaurants; as well as environmental and natural-habitat preservation.

We have guided the development of this prime waterfront property with a carefully selected portfolio of world-class commercial real estate, maritime and public uses. Our 16 hotels, 25 marinas, numerous restaurants, tours and museum attractions operate side-by-side with a working waterfront of boatyards, sportfishing landings and marine cargo terminals. We also maintain 20 public parks as amenities that attract visitors and enhance the value of our waterfront.

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