Surfhenge by Malcolm Jones

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Imperial Beach Pier Plaza Surfhenge

Surfhenge by Malcolm JonesArtist: Malcolm Jones - La Jolla, California
Location: Imperial Beach Pier Plaza, City of Imperial Beach (Entrance to the Pier off of Seacoast Drive)

Monumental acrylic arches & surfboard benches

“Surfhenge” consists of four 16-20 foot high surfboard shaped arches, weighing up to three-quarters of a ton each, which are believed to be the largest colored acrylic moldings ever cast. Alluding to giant surfboards stuck in the sand, the huge colored shapes of Surfhenge pay homage to the proud surfing heritage of Imperial Beach.

Surfhenge and the refurbished I.B. Pier Plaza were dedicated in July 18, 1999, as the newest signature landmark on Port of San Diego tidelands.

Surfhenge by Malcolm JonesSurfhenge by Malcolm JonesSurfhenge by Malcolm JonesSurfhenge by Malcolm Jones

view all ten benches and plaquesTen 'surfboard' benches resembling different surfboard styles popular through the decades are sited about the plaza. Bronze plaques at each bench commemorate many surfing pioneers that used Imperial Beach as their testing ground.

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