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Ron McElliott Memorial Wind Harp by Ross Barrable

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Karen McElliott with wind harp artist Ross BarrableRon McElliott Memorial "To Remember Me"

Artist: Ross Barrable - Pagosa Springs, California
Location: Chula Vista Marina, north side by Dockmaster's Office

On January 17, 2001, the Port of San Diego and the San Diego Port Tenants Association dedicated a magical and musical memorial to honor the late and much beloved community leader Ronald J. McElliott. Fittingly located on a grassy lawn by the edge of the Chula Vista Marina, which owes its existence to McElliott’s vision and driving force, the beautiful new memorial features a wind harp sculpture by artist Ross Barrable.

Wind harps are acoustic sculptures that interact with the atmosphere to create musical tones, which vary in pitch and intensity with the changing speed and direction of the wind. Park visitors and nearby live-aboard marina residents have already expressed delight with the unique and pleasing sounds emanating from the memorial.

The McElliott Memorial wind harp is entitled "To Remember Me." It is constructed of stainless steel, contains an amethyst sphere, and is fitted with nylon and titanium harp strings, which are actuated by the natural sea breezes that are common at the site. It stands 12 feet high perched atop its powder-coated steel pedestal and is located near the harbormaster’s office.

Attractive landscaping and benches provided by the Port further enhance the public’s enjoyment of the art and provide contemplative opportunities for passers-by. The appearance of the harp, which resembles outline of a sailboat, and the beautiful musical tones it produces were considered by the McElliott family to be highly appropriate to Ron’s memory, because he loved both music and sailing. "Ron McElliott was a valued leader and powerful influence behind community events that give our region a true sense of identity," said Frank J. Urtasun, Chairman, Board of Port Commissioners. "In Ron’s memory, the McElliott family hopes the harmonic sounds of the wind harp will lift the spirits of all those who visit this special tribute."

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