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Pacific Spirit by James Hubbell

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Pacific Spirit by James T. HubbellArtist: James Hubbell - Julian, California
Location: Bronze sculpture located near the southwest end of Shelter Island in San Diego, California.

"Pacific Spirit," the latest work of public art by master sculptor James Hubbell, has been added to the Unified Port of San Diego's growing collection of waterfront art. The work joins Hubbell's acclaimed "Pacific Rim Park" at the western end of Shelter Island. Maurice and Jacqueline Watson of San Diego donated "Pacific Spirit" to the people of San Diego. A small ceremony was held on December 18, 2002, Ms. Watson's birthday, to unveil the new work.

The Shelter Island location for "Pacific Spirit" was selected for its views to the ocean and for the way the sculpture compliments the public space facing the water. The sculpture depicts a female form rising from the water and has been cast in bronze given a blue patina finish. The work is close to six feet tall and is mounted on a pedestal that includes a plaque commemorating the life and generous spirit of Jacqueline Watson.

James Hubbell is an internationally renowned sculptor who lives and works near Julian, California, just 30 miles east of San Diego. Hubbell is known for his organic work in tile, stone and metals.

For more information about this artist go to www.hubbellandhubbell.com

Pacific Spirit with Hubbell and WatsonPacific Spirit with Hubbell and Watson

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