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Konoids by Kenneth Capps

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Konoids by Kenneth CappsThree steel plate sculptureArtist: Kenneth Capps - Carlsbad, California
Location: North end of Bayside Park, Chula Vista.

Three steel plate sculptures

Located at Chula Vista Bayside Park, overlooking the entrance to the yacht harbor, Konoids consists of three sculptures resembling inverted truncated cones. Each shape is separate and has its own identity and motion. The individual shapes relate to each other, both physically and conceptually, to reinforce both centrifugal and centripetal forces. The three forms, as a whole, radiate both inner and outer space. The Konoid shapes are fabricated of welded, corrosion-resistant steel plates. The tallest piece is 5-feet in height and the widest is 10-feet in diameter. The artwork was installed in April 1985.
From Konoids' pleasant bayside park one can enjoy expansive views of San Diego Bay from its southern extremities to far off Point Loma in the north, clearly visible in the background.

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