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Aircraft Carrier Memorial by T.J.Dixon & James Nelson

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Aircraft Carrier MemorialAircraft Carrier Memorial

Artist: T.J. Dixon & James Nelson
Harbor Drive near G Street Mole

Near the former site of the old Fleet Landing, between Navy Pier and the G Street Mole, the Aircraft Carrier Memorial commemorates all the U.S. Navy's aircraft carriers and all who have served in them and flown from their decks.

A nine-foot polished black granite obelisk stands as the centerpiece to the memorial and includes the engraved names of all 164 carriers, from the pioneering U.S.S. Langley (CV-1) to U.S.S. Harry S. Truman (CVN-75), America's newest nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

Two life-size bronze sculptures by noted artists T.J. Dixon and James Nelson represent a naval aviator and a sailor and add a human dimension to the monument.

The memorial fittingly overlooks San Diego Bay, homeport to Pacific Fleet carriers since the earliest days of naval aviation. From its vantage point, visitors can gaze across the bay and see today's mighty flattops at North Island, preparing for future missions in support of peace and freedom all over the world.

The memorial was sponsored by the Aircraft Carrier Memorial Association.

Aircraft Carrier MemorialAircraft Carrier Memorial

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