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Port of San Diego Art

Immerse Yourself in Arts ANYTIME with Self-Guided Tours

The art around the Port of San Diego’s waterfront offers a singular experience, unique to each person who happens by. From monumental to intimate pieces…traditional bronze sculptures, vibrant murals, fountains, kinetic artworks, light projections, sound art, and conceptual artworks – we invite you to immerse yourself in the arts at the Port of San Diego.

The following pdfs offer a small sampling of our collection in a series of self-guided tours that will allow you to visit each of our member cities and experience the waterfront from a unique, artistic perspective.The tours include: Coronado Bayside; Imperial Beach; Chula Vista Bayfront; National City Marina District; and San Diego’s Embarcadero and Shelter Island.

We hope you enjoy the artwork included in the tours as well as the many other artworks the Port of San Diego has to offer.

Yvonne Wise, Chief Curator 

Scroll down and explore our Google map with the self-guided tours marked with the icons below.

  pdf Click and download a .pdf with all six self-guided walks (4.14 MB)
ac art icon purple 2016 09 27   pdf Immerse Yourself in Shelter Island (947 KB) (.9 mile one way*)
ac art icon plum 2016 09 27   pdf Immerse Yourself in the Embarcadero (1.33 MB) (1 mile one way*)
ac art icon orange 2016 09 27   pdf Immerse Yourself in the National City Marina District (1.47 MB) (.9 mile one way*)
ac art icon green 2016 09 27   pdf Immerse Yourself in the Chula Vista Bayfront (1.39 MB)   (1.4 mile one way*)
ac art icon ocean 2016 09 27   pdf Immerse Yourself in Imperial Beach (1.19 MB)    (.6 mile one way*)
ac art icon teal 2016 09 27   pdf Immerse Yourself in Coronado’s Bayside (1.29 MB) (2.4 mile one way*)

*distances are estimated

Port of San Diego Art Locations and Self Guided Tours:


The Port of San Diego’s Office of Arts & Culture is focused on creating a vibrant waterfront destination with innovative artworks, cultural programming, and activation opportunities that enhance the visual excitement and cultural richness of District tidelands. With a permanent outdoor collection of over 70 artworks, combined with more than 30 tenant-commissioned artworks, and a dynamic curatorial plan focused on contemporary exhibitions, there is something for everyone around the San Diego Bay. You can enjoy the many artworks on permanent display year-round and come back to see new temporary pop-up exhibitions.

Office of Arts & Culture 3165 Pacific Highway San Diego, CA 92101
phone: 619-726-7246
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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