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Greatest Generation Walking Tour

In 1998 Tom Brokaw, the veteran NBC Nightly News anchor, authored a best-selling book The Greatest Generation. His story told of the generation of Americans who grew during the Great Depression, went on to fight in World War II and later helped build shape the post-war America we know today. The spirit of those men and women is commemorated with a collection of U.S. military heritage art in Tuna Harbor Park, on the shore of San Diego Bay.

The Greatest Generation Collection, as well as the other military memorials in the park, honor and celebrate the people, events and military heritage spanning the time from World War II to today. Located in the shadow of the decommissioned aircraft carrier USS Midway, the artworks and provide a magnificent setting in which to learn, remember and become inspired.

Complete tidelands public art catalog: Public Art Catalog (GIS open data package)

The Greatest Generation Art Collection

This collection is the product of generous donations to and partnerships with the Port of San Diego Arts & Culture department. For more than a decade, the Port has recognized that public art effective educational and creative support to its role of providing and enhancing services, recreational opportunities, and public access within the tidelands.

Enjoy the collection and join the Port in saluting the Greatest Generation. Please print out this Walking Tour Guide to assist you in learning more about these great artworks.

  1. Aircraft Carrier Memorial
  2. Homecoming
  3. Battle of Leyte Gulf Memorial & Admiral Sprague Bust
  4. Unconditional Surrender
  5. Bob Hope Tribute (printed guide has detail on each sculpture)
  6. U.S.S San Diego (CL-53) Memorial
    1. U.S.S Midway Museum
    2. Pearl Harbor Survivors Plaque
    3. Tuna Fleet Service - World War II


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