Ports Bring Home The Goods

One in 10 cars is imported through the National City Marine Terminal.The Port of San Diego's marine cargo terminals are economic catalysts for the San Diego region.

The port's cargo terminals in San Diego and National City handle everything from autos, to lumber, to bananas, to sand, to windmill parts. The movement of those goods generate jobs and spread prosperity.

San Diego is the number-one strategic seaport in California that supports deploying and redeploying forces for the Department of Defense. —U.S. Army Spokesman

The Port of San Diego serves as one of 17 “strategic ports” across the country, designated by the Maritime Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation. That means the port plays a role in the military's logistics and must coordinate and work with the military when needed.

Ports around the world have long played a major role in their region's prosperity and quality of life. U.S. seaports directly and indirectly employ 13.3 million people and are responsible for moving nearly 100 percent of the country's overseas cargo.

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Understanding the economic impact

The Working Waterfront provides thousands of jobs along San Diego Bay.Overall, the port's maritime business generates about $7.6 billion in economic impact to the San Diego region. It also accounts for 42,000 jobs in the region, with 5,000 of those along San Diego's waterfront alone. These jobs are rooted in the region's maritime industry, and the average salary and benefits are about $60,000 a year.

For the 2011 fiscal year, 2.84 million metric tons of cargo passed through the terminals.

That includes 272,168 vehicles and 99,871 containers.

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Port of San Diego's Maritime Month

Each year, National Maritime Day is observed in the United States on May 22. The day is set aside to recognize the service of merchant mariners and to celebrate the contributions of the maritime industry and the benefits that it brings to the country. The Port of San Diego has designated May as Maritime Month.

Voices of the Working Waterfront

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The Port of San Diego is a vital link in a national and global network of ports that are gateways for the movement of perishable and non-perishable goods. Shipping is the most efficient means to transport raw materials and finished products great distances —from far-flung growers and manufacturers to retailers and, eventually, to our homes.

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It is often said that we live in a global marketplace. The Port of San Diego is proud to be part of this system of ports that unites global commerce.

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