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Temporary Tariff Deferral Program

Tariff Fee Deferral for Tariff Fee-Paying Tenants or Customers

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At the May 19, 2020 Board of Port Commissioners meeting, a temporary fixed rent and tariff fee deferral program was approved for which you may qualify.

Whom is the tariff fee deferral program being offered to?

The program is being offered to all tariff fee-paying tenants or customers that pays the District a tariff under an agreement, ordinance, or policy of the District. This would include commercial fishermen who pay for marina slips at Tuna Harbor via tariff fees and tariff fee-paying tenants or customers that pay a tariff fee in accordance with the Port of San Diego Tariff No. 1-G. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the program offer?

The proposed program offers qualifying tariff fee-paying tenants or customers the ability to pay tariff fees up to 30 days late with no interest or late fees during each of the tariff fee paying months of May 2020 through January 2021 for tariffs incurred during April 2020 through December 2020.

If I am a tariff fee-paying tenant or customer, how do I know if I qualify for the program?

To qualify for the program, you must meet ALL of the following minimum requirements and any administrative policies adopted by the Executive Director, or her designated representative:

1.    Be a tariff fee-paying tenant or customer, which means that the tenant or customer pays a tariff to the District under an agreement (e.g., lease), ordinance (e.g., Port of San Diego Tariff No. 1-G), or policy with the District; and

2.      If the applicant is a tenant, be considered a tenant in good standing pursuant to BPC Policy No. 355.  If the applicant is a customer, be considered a customer in good standing, which means that the applicant is up to date in payments as of the application date and has complied with its agreement with the District, or any other applicable ordinance or policy, including Port of San Diego Tariff No. 1-G.  Whether the applicant is a tenant or a customer, the tenant or customer must remain a tenant or customer in good standing throughout the deferral program, which means until the deferred amounts are repaid; and

3.      Provide evidence of financial hardship satisfactory to Executive Director, or her designated representative, in accordance with such procedures as the Executive Director, or her designated representative, may require, which could include evidence of delays from suppliers or manufacturers, full or partial shutdown, or decline in gross revenues; and

4.      All deferred tariffs must be repaid within the 30-day deferral period in order for the customer or tenant not to incur any late fees or interest for the deferred tariff.

Note: The Executive Director has delegated authority to the Director of Maritime to implement the tariff fee deferral component of the Temporary Rent Deferral Program. In addition to the minimum requirements, the Director of Maritime may request from tenant or customer any additional information he deems necessary to determine whether the tenant or customer qualifies for the Temporary Rent Deferral Program. Failure to timely provide this information may be grounds for disqualification from the Temporary Rent Deferral Program.

How do I apply for the program?

Tariff Fee-Paying Tenant or Customer

If you are interested in applying for a 30-day tariff fee deferral , please submit a written request to one of the following Maritime managers, which includes the necessary supporting documents identified in item (3) above of the qualifications. Please contact the Maritime Department at (619) 686-6300 if you have any questions. Upon receipt of an application, the manager will review your application for completeness and respond to you with any questions or requests for additional information. If your application is conditionally approved, you will be required to accept in writing the conditions of the Temporary Rent Deferral Program before the tariff fee deferral will be effective.

Greg Borossay
Principal, Maritime Commercial 
619.686.6242 | 619.823.0655 (c)

Josefina Khalidy
Principal, Maritime Commercial 
619.686.6507 | 619.348.1636 (c)

Dan Valentine
Manager, Maritime Operations 
619.686.6371 | 619.841.6616 (c)

How long will it take to get a response to my application?

The manager will contact you within a few days of receipt of your application to let you know if your application is complete or requires additional information. After your manager has deemed your application complete (by receiving all of the necessary information), you should receive a response within 14 days.