Cargo Business Opportunities

The Port of San Diego is the nation’s specialty cargo gateway to the Pacific, situated in the natural, deep-water harbor of San Diego Bay.

Two cargo terminals, the 96-acre Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal, and the 135-acre National City Marine Terminal, boast a long list of advantages for specialty cargo shippers with unique needs:

  • strategic location
  • commercial accessibility
  • year-round ideal climate
  • easy access to regional freeways
  • on-dock Class I rail service
  • unparalleled expertise in moving specialty cargo
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The Port of San Diego processes primarily specialty cargo that does not fit in standardized containers. That cargo includes:

  • Breakbulk – high, wide and heavy cargo that is shipped without containers or packaging including windmill parts, military equipment, vehicles, transformers, generators, and lumber requiring open space for greater flexibility. Capability to handle breakbulk pieces in excess of 300 metric tons.
  • Refrigerated Cargo – specialized containers for fresh produce and other perishables requiring temperature-controlled storage.
  • Bulk commodities – such as cement, soda ash, and other unpackaged, free-flowing, dry aggregate or liquid bulk commodities requiring specialized transport and storage facilities.


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