Maritime Services

The Maritime Division is composed of three departments: Marine Operations, Maritime Trade Development, and Maritime Properties and Facilities.

Marine Operations monitors all vessel activities at the Port's cargo and cruise terminals, including several mooring areas and commercial piers around San Diego Bay. Other responsibilities include budget planning and expenditures for the maintenance and repair of all cargo and cruise ship physical assets at the Port.

  • Recreational boating, sportfishing and marinas are managed by the Port's Real Estate Division.

Maritime Trade Development staff attracts new business, assures customer satisfaction, and enhances the Port's image locally, regionally, nationally and abroad. Maritime Trade also oversees maritime marketing and trade development.

Maritime Properties and Facilities plans and manages the development of maritime real estate, terminal infrastructure and major project management. They are also responsible for the administration of maritime tenancy agreements and general business operations.

The entire staff of the Maritime Division is located at the Port's Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal in San Diego, at the foot of Cesar E. Chavez Parkway. Visitors take the Cesar E. Chavez Parkway offramp of Interstate 5 near downtown San Diego.

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