Coast Guard Urges Caution For San Diego Boaters

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Boaters and beachgoers around San Diego Bay are being urged to exercise caution by the U.S. Coast Guard. (Courtesy: U.S. Coast Guard, District 11)Boaters and beachgoers around San Diego Bay are being urged to exercise caution by the U.S. Coast Guard.

The National Weather Service, in an urgent marine weather statement, issued warnings of gale force winds and hazardous seas throughout the weekend.

Forecasters said they expect the recent storms to impact the waters from San Mateo Point to the Mexican border extending west 60 miles. Fifteen- to 20-foot breakers, strong south to southwest winds of 25-35 mph with 50 mph or greater gusts, and high tides nearing five feet are expected, the National Weather Service said.

Despite a hint of sun on Thursday afternoon, the Coast Guard warned that the weather can change in an instant.

"Boaters are urged to stay docked in harbor when these conditions are present," said Petty Officer Jetta Disco of the U.S. Coast Guard's 11th district public affairs department. "If it is necessary to get underway, mariners are urged to check that all of their safety equipment is on board and in good condition."

Boaters should check to ensure they have personal flotation devices onboard for everyone and an immersion suit or other full-body protection should they be traveling offshore.

The Coast Guard also urged boaters to check current and forecasted weather conditions prior to getting underway, and remain aware of changing conditions once on the water.

National Weather Service broadcasts weather conditions on VHF channel WX2. The Coast Guard broadcasts weather conditions on VHF channel 22A at 9:30 a.m., noon, and 4:30 p.m.

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