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Endangered Eastern Pacific Green Sea Turtles

The Eastern Pacific green sea turtle is a resident of the San Diego Bay. The sea turtles migrate from nesting sites in Mexico, in order to forage in the eelgrass beds in the Bay. A small group of 30 to 60 sea turtles are estimated to reside generally in South San Diego Bay. Years of intensive poaching and harvesting of the turtle have attributed to the sharp decline in the population. San Diego Bay provides a protected foraging habitat for the sea turtles and offers a prime study area for researchers.

Currently, efforts to restore the green sea turtle population are focusing on public education and on tracking the migratory patterns of the turtle. Public education is especially needed in the turtle's nesting areas in Mexico, where traditionally, turtles have been harvested for food and other consumer items. Although severe over harvesting has attributed to the decline of the sea turtle, other factors such as boat collisions and entanglement also have been identified as contributors.

San Diegans and visitors to the Bay can assist in the turtle recovery efforts by practicing safe and responsible boating techniques and by properly disposing of fishing line and other trash.

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