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Environmental Education

The Port of San Diego's Environmental Education Program's mission is to promote environmental stewardship and to instill an understanding of the importance of a healthy San Diego Bay and watershed. This program's goals are to ensure that local youth have the opportunity to participate in memorable environmental education experiences and to give adults an understanding of their role in protecting the watershed in which they live. The local environmental organizations listed below have participated in this program to focus education efforts on natural resources, water quality, watershed magagement and pollution prevention.

You Can Make a Difference

Would you like to learn more about simple things you can do to help us protect San Diego Bay?

photo of environmental brochuresDownload PDF files of our brochures by clicking on these links:

Logo for Project Orca - Online Research Coastal Academy


Or, visit the Port's Environmental Education website for children, Project ORCA. The Port launched this site as an effort to teach children throughout the San Diego region about environmental issues in the Bay. Please check back periodically as more activities are added to the site.

Don't Trash the Bay

Stormwater Runoff at Chollas Creek (click to enlarge)Trash is a major component of pollution entering San Diego Bay. Every year thousands of pounds of trash are removed from the Bay and its tidelands. Most trash in the Bay enters via the storm drain system. By taking a few simple steps, such as throwing all trash into the proper receptacles found around the Bay or holding on to trash until a receptacle can be found, everyone can greatly reduce the amount of trash in the Bay.

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