Copper Reduction Program: In-Water Hull Cleaning Policy


In-Water Hull Cleaning Regulations

The Port of San Diego recently adopted In-Water Hull Cleaning regulations to reduce or eliminate copper pollution caused by hull cleaning activities in San Diego Bay.

The Ordinance

  • Requires the use of Best Management Practices for any business doing in-water hull cleaning on recreational or commercial boats
  • Requires permits for all hull-cleaning businesses
  • icon Ordinance No. 2681 (195.88 kB)

The Permit

  • All hull cleaning businesses are required to obtain a permit
  • The permit allows businesses to work at any San Diego Bay marina, yacht club or mooring
  • The permit fee is $250

Obtaining a Permit

The permit, application documents and templates can be downloaded here. You can use the Insurance Certification Form and Best Management Practices Plan template to assist you in completing the application package.

  1. icon SDUPD Permit Application for In-Water Hull Cleaning (55.44 kB)
  2. icon Best Management Practices Plan Template (185.3 kB)
  3. Proof of training of employees, agents and independent contractors on hull cleaning as described in the plan.
  4. icon Insurance Certification Form (91 kB)
  5. $250 processing fee

Renewing a Permit

Permit renewal requires you to complete renewal application documentation and submit a $250.00 permit fee. The Permit Renewal application and associated documents may be downloaded here.

  1. icon SDUPD In-Water Hull Cleaning Permit Renewal Application (115.6 kB)
  2. icon Best Management Practices (BMP) Plan Verification & Training Form (13.1 kB)
    (Business BMP plan must be submitted with renewal application)
  3. icon Diver Authorization Form (46.5 kB)
  4. icon Certificate of Insurance (91 kB)
  5. $250 processing fee

Permitted Hull Cleaning Companies


Download our icon Frequently Asked Questions (88.18 kB) sheet, or contact the Port's Environmental and Land Use Management Department at 619-686-6254 or 619-686-6200 during business hours.

Submit the permit application (signed permit, BMP plan, training records, insurance certificate and processing fee) to:

  • Port of San Diego
    Attn: Environmental and Land Use Management, In-Water Hull Cleaning
    P.O. Box 120488
    San Diego, CA 92112-0488

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