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The Environmental Protection Agency provided funding for the Port of San Diego to conduct a study which evaluated a variety of alternative hull paints. Twenty-one of these paints performed well when compared to copper hull paints and 11 were further tested in real-life scenarios on boats. The study concluded that alternative hull paints are environmentally-friendly, work well and can save money over the long-term because they last longer than copper hull paints.


pdf (Study) Bibliography of Aquatic Studies on Copper and Antifouling Paints, 1980 - present Popular

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pdf (Study) Spatial and Temporal Variations in Copper Speciation in San Diego Bay, 2004 Popular

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Download (pdf, 845 KB)


pdf (Study) Effects of Dissolved and Complexed Copper on Heterotrophic Bacterial Production, 2005 Popular

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Download (pdf, 268 KB)


pdf (Study) Transitioning to Non-Metal Antifouling Paints On Marine Recreational Boats in San Diego Bay Popular

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Download (pdf, 366 KB)


pdf (Study) Modeling the mass balance and fate of copper in San Diego Bay, 2004 Popular

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Download (pdf, 953 KB)


pdf (Study) An Evaluation of Tidal Flushing for Shelter Island Yacht Basin, 2000 Popular

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pdf (Study) Copper loading assessment from in-water hull cleaning following natural fouling, 2006 Popular

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Download (pdf, 2.66 MB)


pdf (Study) Regional Harbor Monitoring Program Pilot Project 2005-2008 Summary Final Report Popular

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pdf (Study) Regional Harbor Monitoring Program 2008 Final Report Popular

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pdf (Study) Copper Toxicity to Larval Stages of Three Marine Invertebrates and Copper... 2005 Popular

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pdf (Study) Use of laboratory toxicity tests with bivalve and echinoderm embryos... 2005 Popular

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Download (pdf, 79 KB)


pdf (Study) Extent and Magnitude of Copper Contamination in Marinas of the San Diego Region, 2006 Popular

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pdf (Study) Spatial distribution of copper in relation to recreational boating, 2009 Popular

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pdf (02a) Shelter Island Yacht Basin TMDL Technical Report Popular

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pdf (02) Shelter Island Yacht Basin TMDL Resolution Popular

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pdf (01) Shelter Island Yacht Basin Tidal Flushing Modeling and Engineering Feasibility Study Popular

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pdf Shelter Island Yacht Basin Tidal Flushing Project, Engineering Feasibility and Constructability Report (2016) Popular

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pdf Port SIYB Monitoring Plan

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pdf Port SIYB Implementation Plan

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pdf Port SIYB Conceptual Model Document

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