Harbor Police Blotter: May 2, 2012 - May 8, 2012

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Arrests: 20

  • DUI: 6
  • Drunk in public: 4
  • Possession of a controlled substance: 3
  • Warrant: 5
  • Vandalism: 1
  • Danger to self: 1

There were 20 arrests this week. Six people were arrested for drunken driving and four people were arrested for being drunk in public. Three people were arrested for possessing a controlled substance, five people were arrested on outstanding warrants and one person was arrested for vandalizing. In addition, one person considered a danger to self or others was taken to the county's mental hospital.

At San Diego International Airport, Harbor Police responded to seven sick/injury calls. One person was bleeding from the nose and mouth and was transported to UCSD Medical Center. The six other people suffered minor injuries and did not require additional medical attention.

There were three K9 reports. At San Diego International Airport, two luggage bags were searched with negative results. A vehicle in the 3800 block of Swift Avenue was searched with positive results for methamphetamine.

Crime reports included the theft of a luggage bag, a camera bag and other personal property. At San Diego International Airport, someone vandalized a staircase. Near Loews Coronado San Diego Bay Marina, someone vandalized a bridge piling. In addition, someone died inside an aircraft at San Diego International Airport.

At San Diego International Airport, abandoned items included ammunition at various checkpoints. There were reports of a missing drivers license, an employee identification badge and a sunglass case. In addition, one person in the 1000 block of West Grape Street was reported driving under the influence.

Citations were issued for a number of infractions. Drivers were cited for driving an unregistered vehicle, speeding, having a broken head or tail light, failing to obey traffic signals, having their license plate obstructed, having a broken windshield and having bald tires. Drivers were also cited for having tinted windows, driving without a license, having an expired registration, not having proof of insurance, failing to yield, not having a front license plate, not using their seatbelt, using their cell phone while driving, blocking an intersection, throwing a lit cigarette out the window and not having a child seat.

At Marina View Park in Chula Vista, two people were cited for being in the park after hours. A citation was also given for having a group of more than 25 people at the park without a permit. At San Diego International Airport, one person was cited for possessing a gun and one person was cited for possessing a nunchuck at a checkpoint. At Embarcadero Marina Park South, two people were cited for smoking in the park and one person was cited for possessing an open alcohol container.

Near the San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina, one person was cited for possessing less than one ounce of marijuana. Near the Kona Kai Resort & Marina, one person was bitten by a dog. On San Diego Bay, one person was cited for not having their vessel registered. One person on the corner of North Harbor Drive and West Laurel Street was cited for interfering with traffic by standing in the roadway. In addition, a bicyclist was cited for not wearing a helmet.

There were four traffic collisions. The accidents were caused by speeding, failing to yield, failing to signal and by making an unsafe movement.

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