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Soil and Sediment Remediation

The Port of San Diego's Environmental & Land Use Management Department supports the Port's internal departments (Real Estate, Engineering and Marine Operations) on various environmental matters. These departments have projects which require environmental services for:

  • Real estate acquisition, lease termination or establishing baseline conditions at lease commencement; and
  • Public Works and General Services projects where the presence of subsurface contamination requires special conditions or alterations to projects to avoid delays and change orders.

Periodically, regulations require remedial investigations or other activities which the Environmental & Land Use Management Department implements including:

  • Investigations of contaminated soil and groundwater at areas undergoing redevelopment;
  • Investigations of contaminated sediments that may require removal or encapsulation; and
  • Tenant projects for jointly implementing leasehold cleanup programs.

Projects currently underway include:

  • The former Campbell Shipyard sediment and landslide petroleum remediation projects;
  • Former Teledyne Ryan facility redevelopment
  • BFGoodrich south campus redevelopment

The Port obtains professional services to complete these projects through on-call environmental investigation and emergency response/hazardous waste disposal agreements, through a Request for Proposal process, or under public works through the District's Engineering/Facilities department.

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