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Blue Economy Incubator

Blue Economy Business Proposal Application Process

The Port of San Diego was established by state legislation as a trustee of the land and water around San Diego Bay for the promotion of fisheries, commerce, navigation and recreation. Inherent to the Port’s mission is to utilize its various assets in leading and accelerating the Blue Economy around San Diego Bay. Water-dependent business is a long and proud tradition at the Port and sustainability is critical to our region’s long-term success of water-dependent fisheries and technologies. To this end, the Port is exploring opportunities to advance emerging aquaculture and blue tech businesses as a way to diversify our portfolio of business lines and assets, while strengthening alignment with our mission and Strategic Plan. 

In 2016, the Port established the Aquaculture and Blue Tech Program to assist in the creation, early development, and initial scaling of new Blue Economy business ventures along San Diego Bay.

Aquaculture encompasses the cultivation of shellfish, fish and plants. The aquaculture sector is driven by a growing global demand for seafood and the lack of a domestic supply, presenting a business opportunity. Blue tech is the advanced technology sector of the maritime industry, which drives sustainable innovation across emerging markets of the Blue Economy. It includes a broad spectrum of industries and innovative technologies focused on promoting sustainable ocean activities.

Are you an entrepreneur involved in new or early-stage aquaculture and blue tech concepts? We welcome your business proposal for the Port to serve as an incubator for your project. The Port's Blue Economy Incubator is a launching pad for innovative aquaculture and blue tech projects and new ideas, providing entrepreneurs with key assets and a diverse portfolio of services and support such as:

  • Pilot project facilitation
  • Permit-ready infrastructure
  • Land and water entitlements
  • Market access
  • Strategic funding

Port staff will evaluate proposals on an ongoing basis, based on a rigorous application process comprised of four stages leading to potential Board of Port Commissioners approval.

Download details here:

Questions may be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About the Port’s Aquaculture and Blue Tech Program and the Blue Economy Incubator:

The Port's Aquaculture and Blue Tech Program assists in the creation, early development, and initial scaling of new Blue Economy business ventures along San Diego Bay.

The Blue Economy Incubator was established to foster sustainable aquaculture and pilot emerging blue technologies and to build a portfolio of new businesses that can deliver multiple benefits to the whole Port community such as fisheries enhancement, ecosystem restoration, water quality improvements, environmental monitoring, and education and outreach.

With the Port’s 50-year history on San Diego Bay and our mutually beneficial relationship along the waterfront, the Port is strategically positioned to build a unique Blue Economy Incubator to support entrepreneurship, foster sustainable aquaculture, and help drive blue tech innovation. The Port is a long-time champion and catalyst of our water-dependent economy, and we continue to explore new business opportunities to diversify our portfolio and strengthen our collective economic impact.

We encourage any new or early stage ventures that align with the incubator objectives to submit an application.

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