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Doing BusinessThe Port of San Diego is committed to a dynamic and diverse waterfront. From the importing of steel to retail operations, you will find the Port of San Diego eager to assist you with your business needs.

Doing Business with the Port

The District maintains a list of interested suppliers, contractors and service providers (hereafter referred to as vendors) of the various goods and services the District requires. Vendors are required to register and maintain their vendor registration in the PlanetBids.com Bids Online system to conduct business with the District.

Purchasing and Contracting Opportunities

As a component of the Financial Services Division of the San Diego Unified Port District (the District), the Procurement Services Department is responsible for centralized purchasing, receiving, contracts and agreements administration, property disposal, inventory management, and administration of the District's Small Business Enterprise Program, Labor Compliance, and Business Enhancement programs.

The link below, View Current Bidding, will direct you to where you can register as a vendor online, search for bid requests, download documents, bid electronically (where applicable), and much more! Most RFQs/RFPs, informal and formal solicitations will be processed through our online system. We have made every effort to make all aspects of the purchasing and contracting process as easy, secure, and reliable as possible. However, if you need help or have questions concerning the features available to our bidders on this section, please click on for online assistance.

All responses are due on or prior to the time shown on each solicitation. Late responses cannot be accepted. It is the bidder's/proposer's responsibility to ensure that the most complete and current version of the solicitation, including addenda, has been downloaded or otherwise obtained.

Note: In order to access the BidsOnline system, you must install Adobe Flash Player 10.1 or higher.

Other Potential Bidding Opportunities:

Deliveries to the Port District

All deliveries of goods, supplies, and equipment must be made in accordance with the terms, conditions, and instructions contained in the purchase order or purchase agreement awarded to the vendor at the time the order is placed. Changes to the delivery instructions by members of the District staff (other than members of the Procurement Services Department staff) are not authorized, and may result in significant delays in payment of invoices by the Finance Department. Vendors are advised and instructed to contact the Procurement Services Department at (619) 686-6392 to verify and obtain approval of any changes to delivery instructions requested or directed by District staff.

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