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National City Bayfront

The National City Bayfront is made up of 273 acres of waterfront land and 167 acres of water managed by the Port of San Diego under the Tidelands Trust. Major Port assets in this area include the National City Marine Terminal, Pepper Park, Pier 32 Marina, the new National City Aquatic Center, and many pieces of valuable public art. As the Port and the City of National City plan together for the future of this invaluable waterfront space, this area of our website will be dedicated to keeping the community informed on current planning initiatives.

National City Marina District - Land Use

The National City Marina District encompasses 53 acres of land and water ripe with redevelopment opportunity. The Port of San Diego manages these lands as part of the Tidelands Trust and is currently working on a redevelopment plan.

The area is currently designated for three primary purposes, each deserving of their own space and resources:

nc maritime industrial iconMaritime – Includes shipbuilding and repair, processing plants and marine terminal operations. National City Marine Terminal is a critical centerpiece in the global movement of goods to and from the region.


nc commercial recreationCommercial Recreation – Includes hotels, restaurants, specialty shopping, and pleasure craft marinas. The Port Master Plan calls for a thriving exchange of goods and services along the prime real estate of San Diego Bay.


nc public access iconPublic Access – Includes parks, plazas, public accessways, vista points and recreational activities. These must enhance the marine, natural resource and human recreational access to San Diego Bay.

Balanced Plan

The Port has worked closely with the City of National City, as well as businesses and community stakeholders to find the right balance of land use between these three priorities. Public outreach has been an integral component of the process and has included small stakeholder working sessions, public meetings and individual meetings with interested parties. The National City Marina District Balanced Land Use Plan (Balanced Plan) is a result of this outreach and consists of the following projects:

  • Pasha Tidelands Avenue Closure Project: This project proposes the closure of Tidelands Avenue between Bay Marina Drive and West 32nd Street, and West 28th Street between Tidelands Avenue and Quay Avenue. When combined, these road closures total approximately six acres. The project would increase operating efficiencies through the elimination of certain internal fences, drive aisles, and the bifurcation of terminal operations created by Tidelands Avenue.
  • Bayshore Bikeway: This project will include the permanent alignment of Segment 5 of the Bayshore Bikeway in National City. Currently, three routes are being analyzed and are generally as follows: Route 1 – along the former railroad right-of-way (MTS property) on the southern end, and along McKinley Avenue on the northern end; Route 2 – along the existing alignment of Marina Way on the southern end, and along Cleveland Avenue, West 19th Street and Tidelands Avenue on the northern end; and Route 3 – between the former railroad right-of-way and Marina Way on the southern end, and along McKinley Avenue on the northern end.

In addition, two additional projects and a program are being analyzed in one comprehensive Environmental Impact Report, and are collectively referred to as the "Balanced Plan EIR": (Click here for the project map.)

  • GB Capital Project: This project proposes a recreational vehicle (RV) park, “environmental living units” (modular structures, such as recycled shipping containers which are proposed to be operated like a hotel), and the ultimate development of up to four hotels with a maximum total of 397 rooms. The project includes ancillary amenities such as, but not limited to, a clubhouse, pool, activity courts, laundry facilities, and dry boat storage; as well as in-water improvements such as, but not limited to, transient vessel moorings and a potential aquaculture site.
  • Pasha Connector Rail Project: This project proposes a connector rail track to connect the existing rail and loop track located west of the National Distribution Center to additional rail car storage spots at the existing Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) National City Yard east of the National Distribution Center. The connector rail track would connect the BNSF National City Yard directly to the existing rail loop and loading tracks on the National City Marine Terminal (NCMT), and would allow for Pasha to have both rail and rail car storage capacity to build a second daily unit train. This project would allow more cargo to be distributed by train versus trucks.
  • City Program: This program proposes a 5-story hotel with up to 120 rooms and restaurant and retail space, and a gas station. This program is located in the City and outside of District jurisdiction.

Process and Timeline:

  • September 23, 2015: After a special meeting, the Board directed staff to move forward with preparing a detailed design and creation of a new conceptual land use designation map that will achieve three objectives: add two to three acres of park space to the Marina District, optimize maritime operations, and maximize commercial redevelopment opportunities.
  • April 14, 2016: The National City Marina District Balanced Land Use Plan (Balanced Plan) was presented to the Board. The Board directed staff to proceed with processing an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and processing of a Port Master Plan Amendment (PMPA).
  • October 13, 2016: The Board directed staff to incorporate the GB Capital Project, Pasha Connector Rail Project, and City Program into the EIR and all but the City Program into the PMPA. (Note: A PMPA is not required for the City program because it is not located within Port jurisdiction.)
  • February 7, 2017: The Board authorized an agreement for the preparation of the Balanced Plan Environmental Impact Report to be conducted by consultant ICF Jones & Stokes, with the Port, the city of National City, Pasha, and GB Capital sharing the cost of the preparation.

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