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Berth Request Form


(a) All vessels desiring to berth at Port of San Diego facilities shall, by their owners, agents or charterers and as far in advance as possible and not less than 24-hours prior to docking, make application (Port form provided) for same to the Director of Marine Operations and specify the date of docking, sailing, type of vessel, nature of port activity, and nature and quantity of cargo to be handled. Berths are granted on a non-preferential basis depending upon space availability at time of arrival.

(b) Any vessel that docks at facilities under the jurisdiction of the Unified Port of San Diego without having made application, or any vessel that docks at a berth that was not assigned to such vessel, shall be subject to dockage at a rate three (3) times the dockage charges that would otherwise apply under Item No. 0575 of this tariff.

(c) A vessel captain or operator using a facility of the Unified Port of San Diego, without an application, or having taken shelter at a facility due to extreme conditions of weather or distress, will do so at his/her own risk and will immediately notify the Executive Director of the situation. At the discretion of the Executive Director, the vessel, its owner(s), agent(s), and charterer(s) may be held responsible for any and all charges, damages, and losses of any nature whatsoever that result from taking and using such facility.

(d) Any vessel that occupies a berth in violation of this section may, after a 24-hour written notice period, immediately be impounded and shifted, towed or hauled out to a storage area or lay berth at the owner’s sole expense upon direction of the Executive Director.

(e) Any condition aboard or around any vessel, berth or pier caused by the vessel owner or operator, which, in the opinion of the Executive Director constitutes a fire hazard, health menace, environmental or any other danger to public safety, shall be corrected or removed immediately to the satisfaction of the Executive Director. In the event of the refusal or neglect of the vessel owner or operator to remedy the aforesaid condition, the Port may remove the cause of the complaint and assess such vessel owner or operator for all such costs.


The  pdf Berth Reservation Request Form (287 KB) is provided to allow you to fill in the necessary spaces and then print out the completed application for submittal to the Port of San Diego. A complete application submittal requires that both pages be filled out and sent to the Chief Wharfinger, Unified Port of San Diego, 3165 Pacific Highway, San Diego, CA. 92101. After you print out and sign your completed form, you may fax the two pages to (619) 234-3965 to expedite your request, but you must also mail in the signed original copies to the above address to make your request official. When the signed original Berthing Application Form is received and your berth is assigned, then a confirmation will be sent to you for your records.

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