Seaport Village Planning Project


Seaport Village Operating Co., LLC (SPV), has a lease for the Seaport Village property expiring September 2018. SPV also has a lease for the adjacent Old Police Headquarters (OPH) property expiring in January 2052. The Seaport Village and OPH sites are connected both by their proximity and the need to share limited parking resources. This planning project is the redevelopment Seaport Village and may include all or a portion of the adjacent Harbor Seafood Mart, Embarcadero Marina Park North and Tuna Harbor sites (Ruocco Park, although located within this redevelopment zone, has been developed and is separate from this proposed project).

SPV is currently preparing a development plan that meets the District's visioning goals, is financially feasible and conforms to the District's leasing policies and procedures.


Port Solicits Ideas from Public for Seaport Village Redesign

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thumb_publicworkshopsvillage1The Port of San Diego held two public workshops on May 16 and 17, 2011 to gather ideas about what types of design styles and added amenities people would like for a remake of Seaport Village.

Ideas included redesigning the shopping and dining area to reflect an early American style that reflects local history, adding a pier for ferry boarding and dock and dine opportunities, and incorporating a theater, museum and boutique hotel.